#EnglishBulldog #missing in #Bracebridge #Ontario! Plz #help! #Reward @theshaunablack

Friends of Kissbeep- this is heartbreaking. Let me say up front that there’s nothing graphic written below- just pain in the words written by the mother of the missing dog. Please read it and please share. If you have friends up north in Ontario, make sure they know about this and ASK THEM TO PLEASE HELP IN THE SEARCH! Many thanks. -Juli


From the Group Facebook page of Search for Sarge, Sarge’s mom, Shauna Black, tells what happened the day that he went missing:

January 20, 2012

“Two weeks ago, I let Sarge out for a pee on the deck. Two minutes later he was gone. His footsteps led me out off the rocky peninsula, and onto the lake. The lake was very thin, broken through in places. Places where his footsteps ended. I dug through the water. I howled. I feel sorry for the half-dozen + folks who were on my speed dial, I’m sure I didn’t sound human. 30 minutes later the cops showed, and pointed out more footsteps leading to more broken puddles. Was he standing right to my left watching me while I was wailing? Were those footsteps even his? Every psychic, intuitive, dog conversationalist, dream interpreter has kept me hoping/terrified with graphic stories of struggles, caves, warm cars, fields,”he’s waiting for you”…it just gets worse. If he made it across the water, it’s a miracle. If he survived sub-zero temperatures wet in the woods, why did so many people not find him? SHAUNA WE LOOKED EVERYWHERE. I had to come home I just had to. This isn’t getting any easier. Having lunch with my old boss who owes me a bottle of Veuve Cliquot from a stupid football bet he made. Then faxes to more shelters & vets. Dinner with Steven & Duke. Another day without my boy to strut down Yonge Street.”

Sarge is a 5 year old English Bulldog who went missing on January 6, 2012 from his home in Bracebridge, Ontario (1109 West Bangor Lodge Road).

February 18, 2012

“Tomorrow I leave Ontario for work. I do not come back until May, when the ice has melted on Lake Muskoka, and the weekenders return to their empty cottages.  In the meantime I will continue to call the shelters in the province, scan the classifieds, and weep for my boy. Please don’t forget about him, okay? He still hasn’t been found. When the lake thaws & the snow melts, I would like to get divers in the water, and one more walk through the woods. It hurts so much not knowing what happened to him. He has to be somewhere. Ow. Thank you all so much your love and support these past 7 weeks.”

 Posted today, March 2, 2012 from Shauna:

“A psychic called this morning on my way to work. I asked her to email me what she…saw. “I get that Sarge is alive and was picked up at a cottage with white trim (Not very helpful in Muskoka) at the south end of Lake Muskoka in the Beaumaris area. I see him walking on a footpath on a leash. This could have been earlier on. I get an … address of 6373 Cox Lane? The caregivers will be back up in March.” …She also mentioned on the phone that these people don’t know about the exhaustive search, that he’s well taken care of, and that they may live most of the year far away. I miss my boy so much. I too, am skeptical. (Please know that this call was not solicited.) I understand all the arguments for not listening to the intuitives. People ask me what MY gut tells me, and I can honestly say it doesn’t tell me ANYTHING.  I can only be realistic. Whether i get these calls/emails or not, I know that many people have physically searched for him, to no avail. Dead or alive, Sarge has still not been found. Some folks don’t know about microchips and perhaps could convince themselves that he came from a poor home. Spend a tiny bit of time with Sarge, and anyone would fall in love. From the map of Beaurmaris, he could have been picked up on the highway. At this point I have nothing to lose. Anything is possible. I ask if anyone knows folks in this area, please forward a missing poster to them. If you live in this area, could you please put up posters in pet stores/hardware stores?…any place you think a poster may be seen by a lot of people? Anyone know the radio station played out there? Any sleuths out there…I would greatly welcome your help, or input. Spring is around the corner.  Please know that the search for Sargie continues for me, but also know that I’m finding normalcy in my life, laughing, working 48+ hours a week, and cry a little bit less, but just as intensely as if it were day 1.  I would really love some answers. 10 weeks tomorrow since my boy has been gone.  Thank you for your optimism.”

Below is a flyer that has been created to help get the word out about him. Please help by sharing this with others and please follow the search for Sarge on Facebook. Thanks to all in advance for any help you are able to give!  -Juli

Search for Sarge





5 thoughts on “#EnglishBulldog #missing in #Bracebridge #Ontario! Plz #help! #Reward @theshaunablack

  1. Hi. Hi Juli. It’s that time of year, and I find myself thinking of Sarge. I don’t really know how I found your blog, but here I am, and I am moved to write you.
    Thank you. Thank you for your help in sharing his missing story when this was happening.
    More importantly, thank you for your kind words and empathy. They mean more than you know, and are incredibly healing. Out of the dark I’ve been introduced to people like you. I don’t know you, but I love you. 🙂
    Sarge’s body was eventually found, and his ashes sit in the heart of my home.
    I’ve adopted a rescue. Her name is Juli-et. 🙂 She is the sweetest.
    Love & thanks,
    P.S. If your header picture is one of your adorable Frenchies, please give them a smooch for me (and a butt-sniff and play bow from Juliet)! xoxo

    • Hi Shauna-
      I’m glad you somehow found me. Your ordeal with Sarge was gut-wrenching to say the least. Another dog-loving friend of mine and I were both torn to pieces over Sarge. We would read your page every single day hoping for leads or good news. I think of you often and am glad you stopped here and left me a message. Congratulations on Juliet! And yes, those Frenchies in my header are my love-bugs, Izzy and Xander. Hugs to you and Juliet… With love, Juli.

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  3. That broke my heart. There can be nothing worse than not knowing. Having hope for the best yet feeling like you need to accept the worst. Wanting to believe yet having others telling you to move on. I feel this “mothers” pain. I can’t imagine not knowing where Gracie was. My days would be filled with thoughts of her…is she scared…in pain…does she miss me…does she think I left her…is she being taken care of…hoping she was safe and happy and never knowing when she crossed the bridge. There was a time I did not understand wanting to know even if the ending wasn’t happy. I realized the need for “closure” when I followed a story about a missing dog in Milwaukee. Titus was staying with friends when he went missing. His “dad” along with hundreds of local strangers searched day and night for him. Dad slept outside in a tent with hopes of a midnight visit. Posters were everywhere, local police and firefighters had his picture in their vehicles, a website tracked sightings and areas being covered by volunteers. I checked the website constantly thorough the day, waiting for the good news. After holding vigil for 3 weeks the news no one wanted to hear came; Titus’ body had been found. Days later his dad wrote about the peace he had knowing Titus was “safe”. I understand that now, I never ever want the pain of not knowing. My thoughts and prayers are with Sarge and Shauna as well as with all those missing and their families.

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