#Bear the #ItalianGreyhound needs our #help! PLZ #donate! Possible #amputation! In #foster care.

Hey gang- 

Bear is a precious Italian Greyhound who is in foster care in the Kansas area. He was at the dog park and some how got his foot crushed. It’s so bad that they aren’t sure that it can even be repaired and are considering amputation

Seeing as Bear doesn’t have a family to cover the cost of treatment, he needs our help. A chip-in has been set up for him. Can you donate $5? $10? $25 or more? Read more about Bear below and at the end is a link to donate through PayPal


Bear the foster IG in Kansas

Bear the foster IG in Kansas

From the Chip-in page:

Bear, a sweet Kansas foster boy, had his foot crushed in an accident at the dog park. Unfortunately, the injury is so bad that it cannot be repaired, and it is highly likely that this injury will result in the amputation of Bear’s leg. This ChipIn account was created to help defray the costs of Bear’s treatment, and every little bit helps! Anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a free custom dog or cat collar courtesy of Daisy’s Diva Designs (www.daisysdivadesigns.etsy.com).

You can find out more about Bear through his Petfinder bio:


Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

March 5 8:34pm

via ChipIn: Bear’s treatment.


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