I love happy endings! Buzby the #FrenchBulldog got a 2nd chance at life and is loving it! @FBRNnews

I loooooove happy dog stories and this is one of them! And I love the FBRN!  -J

From the Facebook page of the French Bulldog Rescue Network:

Remember when this cream puff named Buzby came to us at the end of last summer? This dreamy, 8-year-old boy was found lying in a yard in shock, with over 60% of his little body covered in hot spots, some of them infested with maggots. Animal control swooped in and immediately turned Buzby over to the care of a lovely, local vet who took him under her wing and began life saving treatment.
After fluid therapy, debridement of his wounds, antibiotics, flea treatment and worming medication, his wonderful veterinarian felt Buzby was ready to head off to his new FBRN foster home to convalesce.
In spite of whatever horrible past he may have endured, Buzby  proved himself to be PURE SWEETNESS and was very lucky to be adopted by a new mom and fur-sister this February!
Buzby’s new mom says he is doing very well in his new home and adores his new sister Sophie. He gets to go to a Frenchie meet-up once a month where he behaves like an angel and has tons of fun!
No doubt, Buzby’s future looks wonderful! He sticks out his tongue and says “bpzpzptzzptptt” to the mean people who left him passed out in the sweltering summer heat of the mid-west to die, and says THANK YOU to everyone who has helped give him a second chance at life.
Read more happy stories about our grads here: http://www.frenchbulldogrescue.org/htdocs/memorylane/current.html



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