#Marine fights to #adopt her #military #war #dog. Sharing this might #help them out! PLZ RT!

From the blog Pets for Patriots: 

Marine fights to adopt disabled MWD and Iraq war partner

A Marine and a disabled MWD (military war dog) are in the fight of their lives: trying to spend their lives together  as friends after fighting side by side in Iraq. Now Megan Leavey and Rex have some power in their corner.

Photo credit Peter Carr/The Journal News

Influential New York State Senator Chuck Schumer has already written a letter to the secretary of the Air Force, which is responsible for all training and adoptions of MWDs at Lackland Air Force Base. We hope to do our part by creating more awareness of Megan’s efforts to give Rex, her battle buddy and savior, the life he deserves in a loving home.

Both suffered serious injuries following the explosion of an IED (improvised explosive device) in Iraq, and spent almost a year recovering from their respective injuries. Since separating from service in 2007 with a Purple Heart, Megan has been trying to adopt Rex. Until recently, he was considered too valuable as a working dog and her requests were denied. However, Rex was diagnosed recently with a type of nerve paralysis that has left him – Camp Pendleton’s oldest active service dog – unable to serve.

We don’t know if sharing this story can do more than a letter from a well-known senator. After all, we’re not famous or connected. But at Pets for Patriots, we believe the power of people can inspire great things. Several months ago a simple blog post saved Rocky, another disabled, retired MWD who faced a very bleak future; as a result of our post, Rocky was saved.

Although we have no information that Megan will not ultimately be allowed to adopt Rex, we hope he can serve the rest of his days in the loving companionship of his best friend Megan.

How can you help? Just share this story; good goes around!

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I first learned of this story from Kathy H. Porter on blogpaws. Check it out and join (it’s FREE). It’s another GREAT community of animal lovers! -Juli


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