Day 6- who stole this #puppy? #Coralville #IA @ataylorataylor #dog #lost #IowaCity #CedarRapids #help

It’s been 6 days since Monty was stolen from the shop his parents own in Coralville, IA. His parents are more than just dog-people, they own a dog boutique and bakery called Woofables. Monty would join his owners at the shop each day to greet customers but last Saturday started a nightmare for Monty and his family.

On Saturday, March 10 during a brief rush of traffic in the store, Monty’s owners were busy helping customers while also keeping an eye on the pup. There was one couple in particular who was paying extra attention to Monty, even holding him. Once the rush was over, his owners couldn’t find him and quickly realized that he was stolen.

A police report has been filed in the city of Coralville and a description of the couple has been given. They are looking for a male weighing approximately 170 pounds and about 5’8″- 5’10” in height. The female is described as 5’3″-5’4″ and 130 pounds. But the most obvious detail is Month himself- a male, neutered, brindle colored puppy and a Pug/Chihuahua/Beagle mix. Monty is only 12 weeks old. At the time he was abducted, he was wearing a black and blue collar. Unfortunately he does not have a micro chip.

The weather in the Iowa City area has been incredibly nice this past week so many dogs and their owners have been enjoying the warmth by taking walks outside or even going to the local dog parks. The couple who took Monty will surely have to take the pooch out for a walk at some point, if they aren’t already, so searchers are asking the public to keep your eyes wide open for him. There is a $100 reward for his safe return.

The word about Monty has spread thick in the Iowa City/Coralville area to dog stores, pet stores, Veterinarians, doggy daycares, dog trainers and dog lovers alike. More volunteers are joining the campaign to find Monty and have been working to notify the rest of the state of Iowa and surrounding areas about his abduction.

If you know someone who got a puppy within the past week, take a second look at the pup to see if it happens to be Monty and then contact Monty’s owners at Woofables, 319.351.9663. Your name will be kept anonymous so there’s no threat of getting you into trouble with them.

Please, do the right thing and help bring Monty home. If you know where he is, please call your local police or Woofables with information. If you are the persons who has Monty, there will be no questions asked- you’ll be given the $100 reward if you bring him back safely to his owners. At least reply to this post to make arrangements with me to have him returned. We can make this easy and anonymous and make it a happy ending for all.

Let’s make day 6 the day that Monty comes home!

Find Monty

Find Monty


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