Day 10- we won’t give up looking for #Monty! Who stole this little #puppy? #Coralville #IA @ataylorataylor

It’s Day 10 and we are still continuing our efforts to find this little guy and bring him home where he belongs.

Stolen puppy from Coralville Iowa

Stolen puppy from Coralville Iowa

Imagine, for just one second, that your dog (or cat, or other beloved family/pet) was stolen. This is a very real thing that happens more than you think. According to an August 2011 report by the American Kennel Club, pet theft is on the rise. During the first eight months of 2011, roughly 224 pets has been reported stolen compared to the same time frame the year before when only 150 pets were reported stolen. What would you do? Who do you call? How do you find your pet in this mess of a world?

Think it won’t happen to you because you live in a good town? Or because you have a fenced in yard? Or because no one is going to take your dog from the backyard when you’re home? Keep on wishing but for the sake of your dog, please be realistic.

I’ve been blogging about lost/stolen dogs since August 2011 and each day I hear of another new dog theft. Sometimes the dog is found and returned safely to the family, other times, these families never see or hear anything about their kidnapped paw babies.

On Facebook, Find Baxter and Cooper is one heart wrenching story of two Yorkshire Terriers who were stolen during a home robbery on San Antonio, TX in April 2011. The two dogs were in their kennel at the time they were taken. The thieves broke into the house by breaking a window in broad daylight. The mom of these two dogs is lost without them. She used to be happy and have a social life, now she’s severely depressed and thinks about nothing other than Baxter and Cooper. Crime Stoppers is involved in the investigation and a $10,000 reward for their safe return is being offered.

Find Baxter and Cooper

Queenifer Lopez is an English Bulldog in Columbus, OH who was stolen from her own yard in August 2011. Queenie has a seizure disorder and needs to be on medication for it. She also has a very large scar on her belly from multiple surgeries. The circumstances behind Queenie’s disappearance aren’t entirely public, for the safety of both Queenie and her family. It is safe to assume that she is still in the Columbus area and being hidden by a not so friendly type person. A reward is also being offered for Queenie’s safe return. It is my understanding that the police have been less than helpful even when given very specific information that points them right to the person in question.

Queenifer Lopez

Not a theft initially, Ernie the English Bulldog got loose in February 2012 in Shorewood, IL. A Facebook page was immediately set up and the community rallied together very quickly to take action. Many calls were made, posts shared through social media and flyers were made and passed out to everyone possible. Then they took to the streets of Shorewood to find him. At this point, they knew someone had to have taken him in and were keeping him. But who?

Help Find Ernie

It was going door to door that lead them to the person who had Ernie. But he was only given back when Ernie’s parents handed over the $2,000 reward. (My personal opinion is that a real dog lover wouldn’t want any reward money unless they were actually homeless or something.) Ernie and his family had quite the following on their Facebook page and they put a call out for donations to help raise the money that was borrowed by a relative to pay the reward. It only took 24 hours for them to raise that amount of money! What a generous community! This family, and Ernie, were lucky.

Will we be as lucky to find Monty safe? 

Why do people steal dogs? 

For many reasons. Dog fighting has become more popular and depending on the breed of dog, criminals might steal a dog to use it to fight or to use as bait. The country is doing better at getting tough with those involved in dog fighting but we’re a long way from ending it altogether.

People steal dogs for money to resell. Craigslist is a common place where people post that they have a dog for sale, that they need to re-home it for whatever reason. How do you know that the dog you are purchasing wasn’t stolen from a very loving a devastated family? You don’t know.

Bringing a dog home to the family can make you mom or dad of the year! But if you don’t have the money to rescue or adopt one, one might think that stealing is an option for them.

Stealing a dog is never an option. Let’s get that straight right here and now.

Monty was stolen 10 days ago from Woofables dog treat bakery in Coralville, IA. His parents own the lovely dog boutique and bring their two dogs to work with them. At only 3 months of age, Monty had customers wrapped around his little paw! His make up of Pug, Chihuahua and Beagle give him an extra points in the cute department and I’m told that he is very friendly and loving.

On this particular Saturday, the store was busy but the owners were taking it in stride, all the while keeping an eye on Monty. They took note of one couple who were really doting on Monty, even picking him up and holding him. In a matter of minutes, they couldn’t find him. They looks in the back room and outside. Could he have slipped out the door? Wouldn’t a customer have yelled back to them that he got out? Unfortunately the couple made a very selfish and bad decision and stole him. He hasn’t been seen since.

Want to help? Near or far, you can help us. Share this with your entire network. Print it out and hang it up at work. Change your Facebook profile picture or banner to one of Monty’s many flyers. We need your help. We really do. WE NEED IT.

If you know where Monty is, please do the right thing and bring him back. Collect the reward money and go. No questions asked! Don’t make us find you because the police are involved and are looking for you. No charges will be filed IF YOU BRING HIM BACK TO US.

Please, do the right thing- for Monty, his family, and for you.

For those of you who will share this, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


Bring Monty Home

Bring Monty Home


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