My new addiction: ! Who wouldn’t like #bacon #cupcakes? @ralphthepoodle

A happy post for once! 🙂

I have to tell you about a new website that I came across that I loooooove! Visually it’s clean and simple with just the perfect amount of punch to give it the right flavor! I just placed my first order with them and can’t wait to receive it!

Ralph the Poodle is my newest addiction! They carry a wide variety of items in a variety of price ranges so most anyone can shop there. The baked items look YUMMY (yes- this is the human typing- I can’t help it- their dog treats look delish) and are affordably priced. Collars, clothing, dog beds, you name it! This is a company with really good taste- or at least taste similar to mine!

After familiarizing myself with their website, I jumped right in to do some shopping. The first thing that caught my eye, er, stomach, was the bacon cupcake! What DOESN’T bacon go with? I ordered a couple of these for little Iz. I have a feeling she’s going to devour them! And no, I won’t be trying them!

I ordered some things from the spa section of their website, too. Izzy’s light cream coat shows dirt easily and since she attends doggie daycare, she often times comes home smelling like she’s been playing with dogs all day (yes, I know, she HAS been playing with dogs all day). So I’m excited to try Dry Dog Instant Clean Spray with a kiwi-melon scent! This spray cleanses without water so you can use it in between baths (which will come in super handy in the winter).

Dry Dog Instant Clean Spray

Dry Dog Instant Clean Spray

Who has two thumbs and orders birthday cakes for her dog? THIS GIRL! You have to check out their birthday cakes because they have the first ever FONDANT dog cakes! And they are beautiful! In flavors of either peanut butter or gingerbread bone, you can choose four different designs for boy and four different designs for a girl. Oh- the choices! I love them!

Giggy Birthday Cake for Boy

Giggy Birthday Cake for Boy

Pretty Pink Birthday Cake

Pretty Pink Birthday Cake for Girl

Wait until you see their selection of collars and the adorable accessories that go with them! To die for! They pretty much speak for themselves!

Ralph the Poodle Collars and Accessories

See? Did I lie? FUN STUFF!! I can’t wait for my order to arrive! I’ll be sure to let you know how Izzy likes her bacon cupcakes!

Now it’s your turn to have fun at Ralph the Poodle! Follow Ralphie on Facebook, Twitter and then of course shop your little hearts out on their website! -Juli


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