Day 12- #Monty could be anywhere. @ataylorataylor #dog #missing #stolen #Coralville #IowaCity #NorthLiberty #IA #Help

Have you ever thought how you would feel if your dog was stolen? Have you thought about what you’d do?

As you know, Monty is not my dog. He belongs to a family that lives in my community and they own Woofables– a gourmet dog treat bakery. Woofables is where I get Izzy’s birthday cakes that she loves so much!

Izzy's birthday cake from Woofables

Izzy's birthday cake from Woofables

Seriously, the cakes smell soooo good and the frosting is made with real cream cheese (if you didn’t already know- cream cheese makes the world go ’round)- believe me, the dog cake tempts me! I digress…

I didn’t know Alex or Laura (Monty’s parents) before he was stolen although I had met Alex twice at community events. But it was more like a fan (me) meeting a celebrity (Alex) because of my infatuation with dogs so I’m sure he wouldn’t know who I am if I stood right in front of him! That’s ok- I don’t mind!

Since August, I’ve been trying to blog about lost and stolen dogs around the country, helping to spread awareness about them so they can be found and returned home. So it was a no-brainer when I got a post on my Facebook from a friend telling me about Monty’s abduction- I was all over it.

And though I don’t know Alex and Laura or the family or even Monty, I feel like Monty is MY dog! I take this abduction personally and am determined to find him. Part of me is still in disbelief that there are humans that could actually do such a thing but then I have to remind myself that there are many humans who do horrible things every second of every day. This, though, is way too close to home.

Why would you steal a puppy? Can you not afford to adopt one? Were you denied adoption by a pet agency? Were you just completely selfish and not thinking and decided that you had to have him? There’s no excuse good enough to justify stealing a dog. None. Unless it was your own to begin with.

There’s a reward for Monty’s safe return or for a tip that leads to his safe return. How will the couple return him without it being obvious that they are the ones who stole him? Ya know what? It doesn’t matter. They don’t care who you are- they just want Monty to be back home. Take the stinkin’ money and bring the dog back home! Call Woofables from a public phone somewhere and tell them you’ll be there in one second to pick up your reward and drop Monty off- then you have nothing to be afraid of because there won’t be enough time to call the police on you. They want Monty back more than they want you to pay for what you’ve done so they wouldn’t risk calling the police on you like that.

Because I’m taking this whole thing to heart, if I have anything to do with it, I will turn the couple into the police if we find out who they are and they haven’t yet returned Monty. They can make this whole thing better by doing the right thing. It’s in their hands. Avoid charges by returning the dog AND getting a friggn’ cash bonus OR don’t return Monty and we find you and we press charges. Let’s see… 1+ 1 = 2. Simple math. Do the right thing.

For those of you who didn’t steal Monty or any other dog, please help us find him by sharing this flyer. I know many of you have shared this flyer many, many times and yes, I’m asking that you share it yet again. Until Monty is home, we have to continue to spread the word every single day!

Please follow us on Monty’s Facebook page, Help Find Monty.

Thanks, friends, for allowing me to rant. These things keep me up at night. -Juli

Help Find Monty

Help Find Monty


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6 thoughts on “Day 12- #Monty could be anywhere. @ataylorataylor #dog #missing #stolen #Coralville #IowaCity #NorthLiberty #IA #Help

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  5. you are an angel…..I am honored to be your friend. I hope these people realize what they did and bring him back. Have you thought about setting up a safe place for them to drop him off? Perhaps a local business a vets office? Somewhere to take him no questions asked? Has anyone come forward with information on the people that took him? If it was busy someone had to have seen them take Monty. What about neighboring businesses any of them have a security camera that may have caught something? Have the fliers been distributed to all the vets in the area, pet stores, banks – lots of people take their dogs with them through the drive through…..Is there anything I can do to help?

    • Heidi and Gracie- you are wonderful! Thank you for all of these wonderful ideas!

      We’ve been thinking about the safe drop-off place but weren’t sure where to have it. We now have some ideas and thank you for yours, too, because we will consider all!

      We’ve been working on putting flyers up everywhere! Monty’s owners know many people in town and so there has been a great support from so many who have been helping to get the word out. I hadn’t thought about the banks though- good thinking! I will make sure to get them flyers on Monday. I suppose we should consider ALL drive thru’s (fast food especially). THANKS for brain storming!! We’ll make a plan to get to all of them! You’re the best! Love your heart- it’s larger than this world!

      Juli & Izzy

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