#Pitbull #stolen in #Piedmont #SC! Have description of suspects! Do u know them? #dogs #missing #help

From the Facebook page, Mission is Missing:

“Mission was stolen from his kennel Jan 31st around 5pm in Piedmont, SC. Clara Bair (Mission’s Mommy) is absolutely devastated!!! She left for a couple hours only to return to find her precious baby missing. The kennel was lifted up and propped up onto the kennel beside it (because the door was padlocked) and Mission was dragged out from under it. (there are long claw marks on the concrete indicating so)

A neighbor spotted a army green 90’s model Jeep Cherokee who pulled up. A white woman about of medium build, with shoulder length light brown wavy hair, got out with a almond brown dog on a leash and went to the front door. When no one answered she motioned to the vehicle and 2 white men with hats on (one had a long goatee or beard) got out and one lifted the kennel and the other pulled Mission out and stuffed him into the back of the jeep. The woman then let the brown dog off the leash to run free and got in the car and left. This happened at 5PM yesterday. Please be on the look out for this vehicle and persons of this description.

A report has been filed with the police and the dognapper will be prosecuted!


ANYONE WITH INFO IS BEING ASKED TO CALL JASMINE AT 864-325-6028 or CLARA AT 864-525-6899 Thanks!!!”

Mission stolen in Piedmont South Carolina

Mission stolen in Piedmont South Carolina

Police Report#12000015161

Reporting officer was Nathaniel emily

(864) 271-5210 Greenville PD

This story makes me sick. When will people stop being evil?! It’s no wonder why I love dogs more than humans (no offense to those reading this who aren’t dog thieves). -Juli


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