If you’ve seen this less than 10 times today, then you haven’t seen it enough. #lostdog #dog #Iowa

Sick of seeing Monty flyers yet? Frankly, I don’t think you’re seeing them enough! And the only way you’ll stop seeing these is when Monty is home.

Monty was stolen from the store where his parents work and own on March 10, 2012 in Coralville, IA. A young male and female couple were giving Monty extra attention, petting him and even holding him. Then he was gone and so was the couple.

Monty is a Pug, Chihuahua, Beagle mix. He weighed just 12 pounds and was 3 months old when he was abducted. He has beautiful brindle coloring- black, dark brown and flecks of gold.

What kind of people would steal a dog? In my opinion? Very sick people. People with absolutely no morals and with only themselves in mind. People who have no empathy and who feel entitled to whatever they want.

How mad would you be if your dog was stolen right out of your yard? Or from inside your home? Monty was stolen right out in front of others in a STORE! In a DOG TREAT BAKERY STORE, nonetheless.

Can you imagine the heart break that this family is feeling? His owners have four children who are having a difficult time understanding this. How do you explain something like this to children?

The Coralville Police Department is helping with the investigation and if this couple is caught, charges will be brought against them. But if this couple turns Monty in at the safe drop-off spot- Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Iowa City– then they can get off scott free. No questions asked. Which would you do? It’s a no-brainer but I personally feel that if you’re capable of stealing a dog, then you probably aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with and we can’t expect you to suddenly start making logical decisions.

Sense some hostility from me? You better believe it! I’m HOT! I’m on FIRE! Stealing a dog is like tripping an old lady- YOU DON’T DO IT! EVER! This is the work of two low-life individuals. I’m not worried though because we’ll find them and when we do, I’ll let you all know who they are so that you can avoid hiring them, renting to them, working with them or being friends with them (obviously you can’t trust them with your friendship- they will rob you blind). Or they can turn Monty into the safe drop-off and I’ll never know who they are and we’ll all go on with our lives. Happily.

So if you want to stop seeing these Monty flyers that I post daily on every social media outlet I have, you have the power to do so! SHARE MONTY’S FLYERS TILL YOU’RE BLUE IN THE FACE SO THAT THE COUPLE WHO STOLE HIM HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE UP AND RETURN HIM! Then you’ll never see a Monty flyer again. 🙂 Ready? Here’s the newest flyer- let’s blast the midwest with it! Oh- and go to Help Find Monty on Facebook. Let’s get this done together.

Give Monty Back!

Give Monty Back!


2 thoughts on “If you’ve seen this less than 10 times today, then you haven’t seen it enough. #lostdog #dog #Iowa

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