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Are you kidding me? This is UNREAL. -Juli

Elkton, Maryland.

An Elkton-area man was victimized twice in a matter of hours last week – – leaving him with numerous stitches in his head and without his pet dog in his home.

Police said three men beat the 35-year-old victim about 10:15 p.m. on Thursday in the 300 block of Willow Drive in the Winding Brook neighborhood off Fletchwood Road.

And several hours later, while doctors were still treating the man at Christiana Hospital in Delaware, thieves broke into his Willow Drive home and stole a 55-inch Vizio television, a Dell laptop computer, a PlayStation 3 video gaming system and his black pug, police added.

“This is definitely a strange case, and we’re still investigating it,” said Lt. Michael Holmes, a spokesman for the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.

As of Sunday, investigators had not found evidence to link the two incidents.

Earlier that night, the victim and a friend had been drinking beer in a work truck parked on Willow Drive, where both men live in separate residences, police reported.

The victim remained in the truck, continuing to drink beer, after his friend went into his house, police said. The attack took place about an hour later, police added.

“The victim knocked on his friend’s door, looking for help. He had been badly beaten. There was blood on the ground and blood in the vehicle,” Holmes said.

The man told investigators that three black men beat him, but he didn’t provide a reason for the attack, according to Holmes.

Because of his extensive injuries, it was difficult for the victim to give information to investigators, Holmes noted, adding, “We’re still looking into the circumstances surrounding the assault.”

The man suffered a broken bone in his face and a gash on his forehead that required several stitches, police reported.

On Friday morning, hours later, a woman who lives with the victim called police to report that their home had been burglarized, according to Holmes.

She discovered the burglary and missing property, including the dog, when she returned home, Holmes said, adding that he didn’t know if she had come from the hospital.

Anyone with information about the assault or the burglary in Winding Brook is asked to call the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office at 410-392-2116.

via Man assaulted, home burglarized, dog stolen – Cecil Daily: Local News.


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Irving, Texas

Lola is a Yorky/Terrier mix missing from Irving. She is not wearing her collar. She’s black and gray and all four legs are white. There’s a no questions asked reward for her safe return.


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MISSING DOG post from Missing Small Dog Alert: 

Van Alstyne, TX

Sophie is a white Standard Poodle missing since April 16, 2012 from her home in Van Alstyne. Please help find her!


2 dead and 12 injured in car wreck in #Erick #OK. #Dog as passenger is #missing. #EnglishBulldog #lost #lostdog

Search On For Dog That Survived Deadly Crash In Western Oklahoma

Posted: Apr 03, 2012 11:02 AM CDT

Eva Honeybutter Biscuit survived Saturday’s deadly crash on I-40 near Erick, Oklahoma. Now, the search is on to find her.

Deanne Stein, News 9

via Search On For Dog That Survived Deadly Crash In Western Oklahoma – News9.com – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |.

ERICK, Oklahoma –A deadly 16-vehicle pileup crash along I-40 in western Oklahoma killed two people and injured 12 others. Dense fog is believed to be the cause.

3/31/2012 Related Story: I-40 Reopened Following Deadly Western Oklahoma Crash

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen, ever,” said Sayre Assistant Fire Chief Carl Billey. “Somebody just slowed down, and it was so thick nobody could see the slowed vehicle and it was a chain reaction.”

It happened Saturday, March 31, near Erick, when 10 semi-trucks and six vehicles all slammed into each other. Among the injured victims were Adam Factor, 33, of Pleasanton, Texas, and his bulldog, Eva Honeybutter Biscuit. But at the scene, the dog was nowhere to be found. Billey said he was with Factor, though, as emergency crews worked to removed him from his vehicle.

“We didn’t even call it a car, it had 4-wheels and that was it,” said Billey. “It was demolished. It’s a miracle he’s still here.”

Billey said it wasn’t until later, that he realized Factor had a dog with him. He said he remembered seeing a pet carrier and dog food in Factor’s car and finally put two and two together. After a little research on Facebook, he found the dog’s picture.

“I think somehow she survived the accident,” said Billey. “With all the crunching and tires squealing and the fire, she just took off running and it was so foggy, I’m sure she got lost and just kept going.”

Factor remains in critical condition at an Oklahoma City hospital, but his fiancé confirmed the dog was with Factor at the time of the crash. The family just wants to find the dog, in case she is hurt too.

“We’ve got people all over Erick looking for her right now,” said Billey. “We’re pretty positive somebody has her. We just hope if we get the word out there, they will return her.”

Billey said there have been at least two sightings of Eva in or near Erick. She does have a microchip, so if she is taken to a vet and scanned, Factor’s name and contact information will pop up.

If you have the dog or have seen here, take her to a nearby vet or call the fire department at (580) 928-2140.

To help with search efforts, provide your moral support, or offer a donation, please visit Help Find Eva the English Bulldog on Facebook.

A lead in case of #missing #Yorkies Baxter/Cooper! White #Mazda #SanAntonio #TX #Help #dog #stolen huge #reward

From the Facebook page of Find Baxter & Cooper:

“We have obtained video of a white Mazda cx9 which very likely has information or was involved in my burglary…..anyone know anyone who owns a 2006-2009 white Mazda cx9? No roof rack on 4/22/2011………FBI confirms smoke coming from hood – indicative vehicle had been driven for a while………circling the neighborhood for 30 minutes – minutes before my burglary…”

You guys, these boys were stolen over a year ago now in San Antonio, TX. It was a home burglary and along with other items, they took these two Yorkshire Terriers inside their kennel! There is a $10,000 reward!!! Please help and get the word out! -Juli

Donations being accepted to #help #find #Eva the #EnglishBulldog #missing from #Erick #OK

Donations are now being accepted through Chipin for Eva, the English Bulldog missing from Erick, Oklahoma.

This story is so frustrating. It’s sad, heartbreaking and then it’s just frustrating.

Here’s the gist. Adam and Rebecca are both in the military, live in Alabama and are engaged to be married. Together, they are parents to Eva, a sweet English Bulldog puppy.

On Saturday, March 31, 2012, Adam was traveling through Oklahoma with Eva as his passenger when they were involved in a horrific car accident in the small town of Erick. Adam was seriously injured and remains in the hospital today. He was unconscious for weeks but now is awake but unable to talk. Eva was seen following the accident tied to a red or dark red sedan near Love’s but she hasn’t been since then. No one has come forward to say they have her or know where she is.

When Adam finally became conscious, he wanted to know how Eva was doing and messaged that question to Rebecca. She had to tell him the truth and she did… it broke his heart that she was missing and it broke Rebecca’s heart to see him suffer even more. Adam doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

Rebecca had been staying in a nearby hotel so that she could be by Adam’s side since the accident but she is now back in Alabama to resume working so that they don’t get behind on bills. Since their future is so unknown at this point, she’s very concerned about money and not having enough.

And what about Eva? Well, can you imagine the emotional stress that Rebecca has been under since March 31st? Once I heard about the accident, I had to try and help- even though I’m in Iowa. I knew I could help somehow. I posted a missing flyer for Eva here on my blog and then a couple of days later, I received a note from Rebecca, saying she’s Eva’s mom and to please help her find her baby! OF COURSE!

I’ve never been to Oklahoma or Alabama so I’ve just been blindly contacting anyone and everyone in those two states; veterinarians, shelters, rescues, pet stores, animal hospitals, Craigslist, etc. But as you can imagine, I’m not even making a dent in the amount of work that needs to be done! I started Eva’s Facebook page, knowing that Rebecca could help build a following there with me while she was with Adam at the hospital. But I knew Rebecca wouldn’t be able to be out posting flyers or anything like that.

I’m so worried about them! I’m worried about all three of them! You know me- Izzy is MY LIFE! I don’t even think twice about helping someone else find their dog- it’s a natural instinct. I just wish I had an airplane or something and unlimited funds so that I could fly there and be where it all went down, and do all the foot work near them. I just feel like I’d be more effective right in the heart of everything. Or at least visit there to feel a better connection and then come back and do all the online work. Who said money isn’t everything?!?

Tonight I set up a Chipin for Eva. This is to build a reward in case someone has her and won’t give her up unless we pay them (ridiculous but unfortunately shit like that happens). I set an ambitious goal of raising $3,000 but keep in mind Eva’s breed- they aren’t cheap! And it might be the case that someone took her thinking that they could make money off of her. #sickbastards

You can learn more about Adam, Rebecca and Eva on Eva’s Facebook page. If you are able to give any anything to help with expenses and reward, I would really appreciate it and I know that they would too! The link to the Chipin is below.

Please… let Eva show up and come back! Adam needs her! -Juli

ChipIn: Help Find Eva the English Bulldog.

Ticks. YUK! They are everywhere! #ticks #prevention #lyme disease #symptoms

I’m thankful that Izzy is CREAM because it makes it a bit easier to find those damn ticks on her!

Cream hair color makes looking for fleas and ticks a tad easier!

Izzy’s two years old and quite the active girl, a socialite of sorts. So she goes to doggy daycare, goes to the dog park and anywhere else I go. In the two years that I’ve had her, I’ve never seen a tick on her- EXCEPT NOW. And I’m mad as heck!

A couple of weeks ago while Izzy and I were out walking, I noticed a bug on her right butt-cheek. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a TICK! Being the over-reactor that I am, I screamed out loud and panicked. Where’s a paramedic when you need one? 🙂

I did what any other mother would do and pulled out one of her poop bags and began to try and pull the thing off of her. Oh- one important thing you should know- Izzy is not ok with anyone touching her butt. Not even a cheek. Not even ME- her mother! She throws a hissy-fit every time. So as I’m joisting her up on my shoulder, trying to get a better look at her butt, she’s freaking out and making noises like I have three cats in my arms that are all fighting with each other. People are walking by and making faces at me as though I’m hurting her or something.

Oh please, as if!

Finally, a couple of women double back my way again and offer help. Oh- another important thing to know- Izzy doesn’t like strangers and she’ll let you know that. So things got worse and the sounds of three cats fighting in my arms escalated into I-don’t-know-what but she even scared them! I let them know that Izzy is a little different, afraid of others and doesn’t want her butt to be touched. Realizing that they still had no idea why Izzy was freaking out so much, I finally let them know that I was trying to remove one of those stupid ticks from her hiney.

So I realize that the tick is now on my arm and so I quickly brush it off with another small scream. Ick. At least it’s off of her, right? That’s all I wanted.

We resume our walk back home (yeah- I’m calling it quits for the walk- a tick ruined our time!) and as she’s walking in front of me I notice the damn tick again on her right butt-cheek! I never got it off of her! Oh hell… here we go again!

Poop bag out and her up on my shoulder… she’s throwing a fit and I’m trying to use a calming tone to get her to relax (good one!). I can’t get that bugger off of her! I set her back down and we start running like mad towards home. Why? I don’t know- so I can call the police to come and help me or something???

I pick her up a couple of more times and try again and again to remove it- and finally I was able to. Holy cow- I’m never going outside with her again!

Ps- I use Frontline and I also have another body spray that is supposed to detract fleas and ticks (and I just put that body spray on her before we walked out the door).

I haven’t seen another tick on her since that time (and believe me, that girl gets a thorough look-over a few times a day- poor thing) until last night. And I found FOUR. FOUR!!

We just started our walk and I found on on her shoulder. I was able to get it off of her right away but then my paranoia set in and I made us turn around and go back home. Then inside I gave her a thorough ‘pat down’ to see if she had any more on her and luckily she didn’t.

Until about 30 minutes later. She was chewing on her bone, minding her own business, when I saw something on her chest. WHAT THE? I grabbed a kleenex and grabbed it and then noticed she had two more on her chest as well! EEK!

I was able to remove them all very quickly but let me tell ya, if I had children, they’d live in a bubble because that’s basically what’s happening to Izzy right now- I’m scared to death of her getting ticks!

Now that I’m done ranting about my ordeal, here is a link to an article about Ticks and Lyme Disease so that you can pay attention for sign and symptoms in your dog. Damn things.

Thanks to Animal Kingdom Vet Care in North Liberty, Iowa for this informative article! It eased my worries and it also scared the crap out of me! 🙂 I’m appreciative nonetheless!