Day 24: Plz return #Monty to the safe drop-off! No ?’s asked! #dog #missing #IowaCity #Coralville #IA #puppy

Coralville, Iowa.

Puppy stolen on March 10, 2012 by a young couple. The couple were shopping in the store Woofables, owned by Monty’s parents. Monty is the store mascot and comes to work with his parents.

A safe drop-off has been established at Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails in Iowa City. No questions asked- the couple can go and drop him off there, without even speaking to anyone there! And then they can walk out, drive off, and never be punished for the crime of theft.

There is a reward for his safe return or for a tip that leads to his safe return. If you know where Monty is, please realize how heart broken Monty’s family is without him- including FOUR CHILDREN who are having difficulty understanding how and why someone would steal their dog. Please do the right thing and let us know where he is. We can keep you anonymous.

Bring Monty Home

Bring Monty Home


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