#Dog loving artist inspired by his black #lab Sally. #StephenHuneck #inspiration

LOVE this! How true it is!

Dogs Make People Human Woodcut.

The artist, Stephen Huneck, died in January of 2010 from suicide. He had a near death experience a few years before and had to learn to learn how to walk and write again. Luckily his artistic ability wasn’t lost. It makes me so sad to know that while his artwork was making others (like me) smile, inside he was tormented by a mental illness. My heart goes out to his widow, Gwen, and his three dogs who were the inspiration behind his work.

You can learn more about Stephen on his website, Dog Mountain.


2 thoughts on “#Dog loving artist inspired by his black #lab Sally. #StephenHuneck #inspiration

  1. I have always loved this artist and have pined for one of his original pieces. I did not know the backstory on him, though. Thanks for sharing. I think that first print is absolutely true!

    • I hadn’t heard of him until today but I love his work. It makes me sad to think about how much he made others smile with his art and yet he was fighting depression the whole time. 😦

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