UPDATE! Found- being taken in for emergency tx! #Missing black #Chow / #Lab mix in north #Phoenix #AZ! #ParadiseValley #UnionHills #101 #scared #dog #injured #help PLZ RT! @PalomaTheBoston

4-9-2012, 9:40pm Central Time:

According to Boston Bettis, Valentino has been found and is being taken to the vet for emergency treatment. No other information at this time. Say a prayer for him!

Original post:

This is from a posting in the Phoenix Craigslist (thank you to Paloma The Boston for bringing this to my attention) dated April 9, 2012:

“Valentino escaped from his new family FRIDAY evening and there have been several sightings from Paradise Valley to N Phoenix near the 101 at 15th Ave.  He is ON THE MOVE and very confused and scared!!!  He was sighted LAST NIGHT (Sunday) 3 times between 6-7pm on N 15th Ave between Union Hills and the 101.  He is about 45 lbs (thin for his size), recently groomed, and recently neutered.  He was said to have been staggering and or limping last so he may be injured.  He has NEVER shown ANY sign of aggression and is VERY SHY and TIMID.  He will be very hard to catch!  If you see him, day or night, please call my cell phone 814-327-0394 or my husbands cell 570-972-6857 we are available 24/7.  If you try to catch him, DO NOT come at him fast or from above- he will take off!  It is best to approach him from “his level”.  Thank you.”

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Valentino missing in Phoenix




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