#Lost #ItalianGreyhound in #SanMateo #CA! PLZ RT! #Help #dog #missing #IG #Cali #FosterCity #SantaClaraWay

From a Craigslist post:

San Mateo, CA

Italian Greyhound missing!

Help urgently needed! Bella is a friendly greyhound that escaped from a friends backyard yesterday, and has not been seen for over 24hours. She was last seen on Santa Clara Way (off Saratoga, by BevMo) in San Mateo. Bella lives in Foster City, so may have tried to find her way home. We hope someone has found her and taken her in out of the rain, and is looking here to find out where she belongs!

If you find Bella, she is very friendly, but she is timid and does not always go with strangers. The best way to catch her is to stay down on your knees and close one of your hands, pretend you have food with you, and call her name. Stay calm and she will eventually come to you. If you try to chase her down, she will likely run.

If you have found Bella, please call Filippo at 608-334-3713. 

Thank you!

via Lost Dog – Greyhound – Hillsdale & Saratoga.


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