Do something.

Many dog lovers will share this.

Many have already shared this and will think they’ve done enough and not bother to share again.

Many won’t share this because they don’t care for dogs.

What if the most important thing in your life was stolen from you? It may not be a dog or a cat or anything living and it may not be anything that anyone else really cares about. But because it means to much to you, others help you look for it. It pains you every day that you can’t find it. And with each day that goes by, it becomes a little more painful for you. Friends and family don’t even ask about it anymore because they’ve moved on- it’s not a priority in their lives.

But there you are. Stuck. Living a nightmare alone.

PLEASE share this. I know you’ve likely shared this once, twice, three times or many more but Monty is STILL missing!! He’s not home yet and so our work is not done! We can’t give up on him. He needs us and we need you to help us. Please. Help us get him home!




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