#Eva the #EnglishBulldog is #lost from the car accident she was in. #Erick #OK #Help #bully #bulldogs #dogs #service PLZ RT

This story has so many layers and it’s just sad all around.

On March 31, Adam was traveling through Oklahoma with his English Bulldog, Eva, who he owns with fiancee, Rebecca. It was about 8:30am in the town of Erick when Adam was involved in a terrible accident that would leave him unconscious and in the hospital for weeks. If that’s not bad enough, Eva hasn’t been seen since that day. Shortly after the accident, she was seen tied to a red or dark red sedan near Love’s but no one has come forward to say that they have her.

Neither Adam or Rebecca live in Oklahoma. It is my understanding that they live in Alabama. So while Adam is still in the hospital, Rebecca is staying at a nearby hotel. Adam is awake now but unable to speak. It was on Sunday, April 15 that Rebecca has to tell him that Eva was missing. His heart was more than broken when he learned that.

Adam and Rebecca are both in the service and have given their lives for the rest of us. Now they need us. The help that we can give to them right now is still nothing compared to what they give up for our freedom. Please help by getting this flyer out to everyone you know- in Oklahoma or not, get the word out. If you want to help even more, help us contact all of the shelters, veterinary offices, rescues, Craigslist and pet stores in the state of Oklahoma and all around. Visit Eva’s Facebook page at Help Find Eva the English Bulldog and provide some kind words of support to Adam and Eva.

Thank you for your kindness and for helping to look for Eva! -Juli

Eva missing from car accident in Erick OK

Eva missing from car accident in Erick OK


3 thoughts on “#Eva the #EnglishBulldog is #lost from the car accident she was in. #Erick #OK #Help #bully #bulldogs #dogs #service PLZ RT

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