Truck w/ #dog inside stolen in #Houston #TX. Truck found, not dog. PLZ RT! #help #pitbull #reward


In their effort to steal a couple’s truck, a team of thieves ended up getting away with much more.

Megan Egan-Wyer and Gared Mills said the men also stole their dog.

They said they left Dallas, their pitbull, in the car while they went inside to meet family at the Gringos on I-45 and Fuqua on Sunday.

“There’s a chip in the truck where you can set the chip to leave the engine on, but take the key out for twenty minutes or so,” said Egan-Wyer. “So, we set it like that so she could keep getting air.”

When the couple finished eating, Mills ran out to unlock the doors and put the key in the ignition. Then he went back inside to say a quick goodbye.

“I figured I wouldn’t be more than a couple minutes,” said Mills.

Egan-Wyer said they came outside and the truck was gone.

Surveillance video from the restaurant showed a black Lexus SUV circle the truck twice. The driver got out, hopped in the couple’s truck, and drove off, taking the dog with him.

A second thief moved into the driver’s seat of the SUV and drove away as well.

Hours later, Houston police officers found the abandoned truck at a motel on 610 and Telephone.

“The truck was pretty much trashed,” said Mills. “They stole my little daughter’s car seat and speakers out of my truck.”

But more than anything, the couple wanted to find their dog.

It’s a tough lesson that they hope still has the chance for a happy ending. But Dallas was still missing late Monday.

Mills said the dog is actually his daughters.

“I got it for her when she was a baby,” said Mills.

“I’ll give anything to have that dog back, anything,” said Egan-Wyer.

The couple is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of the dog.

via Dog, truck stolen at Gringos restaurant | News – Home.


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