Another #EnglishBulldog stolen! #CouncilBluffs #IA PLZ RT! #dog #EB #bulldog #bully #Omaha #NE #stopdogtheft

You KNOW this just kills me! And I’m so sick of it. SICK OF IT! -Juli

From Thieves Target Family Pets:

A Council Bluffs family is begging for someone to return their stolen bull dog.

But other dog lovers in the city say this latest theft is symptom of much larger problem, stealing expensive dogs, to sell them.

Two little cousins play with their dog Dixie in the grass. Dixie is a 9-month-old English Bulldog. But there was one dog missing from Wednesday’s play date, 2-year-old Dottie, Dixie’s older sister.

“We’ve called around, we’ve gone door to door and nobody has seen her,” Mackenzie Steinman said. Reporter asks, “Pretty expensive dog?” Steinman said, “Yes, she was $1,200 and a trip to Oklahoma.”

Steinman says Dottie went missing during the day on Monday.

Shortly after Dottie went missing, Mackenzie said she found this back gate open and it makes her believe that somebody came in and took the dog. “They are probably doing it so they can sell them and get money or they will breed them or even use them in dog fights. They are not pets; they are part of our family,” Steinman said.

“She’s the third dog thief victim that I know of,” Taylor Burkum said. On the other side of Council Bluffs, Burkum runs a dog portrait studio and because of his profession, Burkum says he’s in the know. Burkhum puts it this way – a $1,200 dog is quick payday for a thief. “In tough times right now, where people don’t have a lot of extra spending money, it’s easy just to yank someone’s dog and sell it for quick cash,” Burkum said.

It’s a thought Dixie and her owners don’t want to think about as they wait for the return of Dottie. “Please bring her home safely, she’s missed, she’s part of our family,” Steinman said. Dixie — the dog that was not taken — was micro chipped. Dottie on the other hand, was not.


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