Attention #dog lovers! Who likes an easy #contest? 25 for $25 starts now! #treats #Woofables #Monty #like

Who likes giveaways? Especially to a gourmet dog treat bakery store?!? If that’s you, then listen up- you could easily win a $25 gift certificate to Woofables The Gourmet Dog Bakery in Coralville Iowa!

You: But how? Do I have to be a certain height? Have a long tail? Be able to roll over or play dead? Bounce a ball on my nose?

Me: No, you silly! You don’t have to be able to do any of that! You just need to be able to use your paws on your keyboard or have your human help you! Pretty easy, huh? 

Follow these easy steps and YOU just might be the lucky winner!

25 for $25!

1. Go to Help Find Monty and LIKE his page (if you haven’t already)

2. Get as many of your friends, family and other dog-lovers to go to Help Find Monty and LIKE his page too AND then they need to write YOUR NAME on Monty’s wall! (They need to tell us who sent them there.. otherwise how will we keep track of your LIKES?)

3. You need to have a minimum of 25 LIKES by Sunday, April 22 at 9pm Central Standard Time to be eligible to win! The person with the highest number of LIKES beyond 25, wins!

Don’t forget to tell your friends that they MUST write on Monty’s wall the name of the person who referred them there! Or else their like won’t count!

Ya ready? Ya set? WOOF! I mean, GO! 

Visit Woofables on Facebook. Believe me, their cakes are AWE-SOME! I mean, Izzy thinks so, at least! (I have to admit that they smell SO good- made with real ingredients that us humans can eat- it’s the cream cheese frosting that’s to die for!) 

Izzy would be happy to recommend her favorite snacks from there if you need some help!


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