#Contest! #Dog lovers #win a $25 gift certificate or 1 lb of dog treats or BOTH! All for a good #cause! #Freebies #Free @Facebook

This contest is almost too easy! Here’s the gist:

To drive more traffic to help find a missing dog named Monty, Monty’s friends want to reward the person who sends the most people to his page and LIKE it, by giving them a $25 gift certificate to Woofables The Gourmet Dog Bakery. The minimum number of likes you have to have to be eligible is at least 25. The contest ends TONIGHT, Sunday, April 22nd at 9pm central standard time.

In addition to this contest, Monty’s friends have added another one that is even easier! This contest started last night (Saturday, April 21, roughly 9:30pm) and also ends tonight at 9pm central standard time. Send over 10 new friends to like Monty’s page and receive a 1 pound bag of dog treats!

When you send your friends to Monty’s page, be sure that they:

1. LIKE his page

2. Write YOUR NAME on his wall (so they know who should receive credit for the new LIKE)

The best part of this contest is that by bringing more people to his page, more people will know about Monty’s abduction and keep an eye out for him so that we can finally bring him home!

You don’t have to live near Coralville, Iowa to play! Monty was abducted on March 10, 2012 so he could be anywhere by now!

You’ve better get going- the contest ends tonight!

For information about Monty and his abduction, go to Help Find Monty and read the About section.

Visit Woofables on their website and their Facebook page!


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