Ticks. YUK! They are everywhere! #ticks #prevention #lyme disease #symptoms

I’m thankful that Izzy is CREAM because it makes it a bit easier to find those damn ticks on her!

Cream hair color makes looking for fleas and ticks a tad easier!

Izzy’s two years old and quite the active girl, a socialite of sorts. So she goes to doggy daycare, goes to the dog park and anywhere else I go. In the two years that I’ve had her, I’ve never seen a tick on her- EXCEPT NOW. And I’m mad as heck!

A couple of weeks ago while Izzy and I were out walking, I noticed a bug on her right butt-cheek. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a TICK! Being the over-reactor that I am, I screamed out loud and panicked. Where’s a paramedic when you need one? 🙂

I did what any other mother would do and pulled out one of her poop bags and began to try and pull the thing off of her. Oh- one important thing you should know- Izzy is not ok with anyone touching her butt. Not even a cheek. Not even ME- her mother! She throws a hissy-fit every time. So as I’m joisting her up on my shoulder, trying to get a better look at her butt, she’s freaking out and making noises like I have three cats in my arms that are all fighting with each other. People are walking by and making faces at me as though I’m hurting her or something.

Oh please, as if!

Finally, a couple of women double back my way again and offer help. Oh- another important thing to know- Izzy doesn’t like strangers and she’ll let you know that. So things got worse and the sounds of three cats fighting in my arms escalated into I-don’t-know-what but she even scared them! I let them know that Izzy is a little different, afraid of others and doesn’t want her butt to be touched. Realizing that they still had no idea why Izzy was freaking out so much, I finally let them know that I was trying to remove one of those stupid ticks from her hiney.

So I realize that the tick is now on my arm and so I quickly brush it off with another small scream. Ick. At least it’s off of her, right? That’s all I wanted.

We resume our walk back home (yeah- I’m calling it quits for the walk- a tick ruined our time!) and as she’s walking in front of me I notice the damn tick again on her right butt-cheek! I never got it off of her! Oh hell… here we go again!

Poop bag out and her up on my shoulder… she’s throwing a fit and I’m trying to use a calming tone to get her to relax (good one!). I can’t get that bugger off of her! I set her back down and we start running like mad towards home. Why? I don’t know- so I can call the police to come and help me or something???

I pick her up a couple of more times and try again and again to remove it- and finally I was able to. Holy cow- I’m never going outside with her again!

Ps- I use Frontline and I also have another body spray that is supposed to detract fleas and ticks (and I just put that body spray on her before we walked out the door).

I haven’t seen another tick on her since that time (and believe me, that girl gets a thorough look-over a few times a day- poor thing) until last night. And I found FOUR. FOUR!!

We just started our walk and I found on on her shoulder. I was able to get it off of her right away but then my paranoia set in and I made us turn around and go back home. Then inside I gave her a thorough ‘pat down’ to see if she had any more on her and luckily she didn’t.

Until about 30 minutes later. She was chewing on her bone, minding her own business, when I saw something on her chest. WHAT THE? I grabbed a kleenex and grabbed it and then noticed she had two more on her chest as well! EEK!

I was able to remove them all very quickly but let me tell ya, if I had children, they’d live in a bubble because that’s basically what’s happening to Izzy right now- I’m scared to death of her getting ticks!

Now that I’m done ranting about my ordeal, here is a link to an article about Ticks and Lyme Disease so that you can pay attention for sign and symptoms in your dog. Damn things.

Thanks to Animal Kingdom Vet Care in North Liberty, Iowa for this informative article! It eased my worries and it also scared the crap out of me! 🙂 I’m appreciative nonetheless!



2 thoughts on “Ticks. YUK! They are everywhere! #ticks #prevention #lyme disease #symptoms

  1. Hi, Juli! Listen, we know all about the ticks and Lyme disease here in New England. In fact, my cousin Toots had Lyme back in January, and Momma suspects it’s making a comeback in poor little Tootsie. Momma’s been making a concoction that seems to be working in repelling ticks. It’s a combination of Neem Oil and Skin So Soft by Avon. About 60% Neem and 40% SSS, put in spray bottle, spray on hand and wipe over face, neck, belly and back every time before we go out. Less toxic than Frontline, and Momma hasn’t seen a single tick since she’s been using it, and was pulling them off daily before then.

    • Tuppy!!! Thanks for coming by my blog!

      I like this mixture your mom makes! Hmm.. I’m going to have to go find these goodies and make my own. I’ve heard of using either to repel bugs on humans but I never thought about mixing the two and using on Izzy. But when another dog owner has a tried and true method, I’m all for trying it!

      Thanks for your secret tick-repellant recipe!!

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