Donations being accepted to #help #find #Eva the #EnglishBulldog #missing from #Erick #OK

Donations are now being accepted through Chipin for Eva, the English Bulldog missing from Erick, Oklahoma.

This story is so frustrating. It’s sad, heartbreaking and then it’s just frustrating.

Here’s the gist. Adam and Rebecca are both in the military, live in Alabama and are engaged to be married. Together, they are parents to Eva, a sweet English Bulldog puppy.

On Saturday, March 31, 2012, Adam was traveling through Oklahoma with Eva as his passenger when they were involved in a horrific car accident in the small town of Erick. Adam was seriously injured and remains in the hospital today. He was unconscious for weeks but now is awake but unable to talk. Eva was seen following the accident tied to a red or dark red sedan near Love’s but she hasn’t been since then. No one has come forward to say they have her or know where she is.

When Adam finally became conscious, he wanted to know how Eva was doing and messaged that question to Rebecca. She had to tell him the truth and she did… it broke his heart that she was missing and it broke Rebecca’s heart to see him suffer even more. Adam doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

Rebecca had been staying in a nearby hotel so that she could be by Adam’s side since the accident but she is now back in Alabama to resume working so that they don’t get behind on bills. Since their future is so unknown at this point, she’s very concerned about money and not having enough.

And what about Eva? Well, can you imagine the emotional stress that Rebecca has been under since March 31st? Once I heard about the accident, I had to try and help- even though I’m in Iowa. I knew I could help somehow. I posted a missing flyer for Eva here on my blog and then a couple of days later, I received a note from Rebecca, saying she’s Eva’s mom and to please help her find her baby! OF COURSE!

I’ve never been to Oklahoma or Alabama so I’ve just been blindly contacting anyone and everyone in those two states; veterinarians, shelters, rescues, pet stores, animal hospitals, Craigslist, etc. But as you can imagine, I’m not even making a dent in the amount of work that needs to be done! I started Eva’s Facebook page, knowing that Rebecca could help build a following there with me while she was with Adam at the hospital. But I knew Rebecca wouldn’t be able to be out posting flyers or anything like that.

I’m so worried about them! I’m worried about all three of them! You know me- Izzy is MY LIFE! I don’t even think twice about helping someone else find their dog- it’s a natural instinct. I just wish I had an airplane or something and unlimited funds so that I could fly there and be where it all went down, and do all the foot work near them. I just feel like I’d be more effective right in the heart of everything. Or at least visit there to feel a better connection and then come back and do all the online work. Who said money isn’t everything?!?

Tonight I set up a Chipin for Eva. This is to build a reward in case someone has her and won’t give her up unless we pay them (ridiculous but unfortunately shit like that happens). I set an ambitious goal of raising $3,000 but keep in mind Eva’s breed- they aren’t cheap! And it might be the case that someone took her thinking that they could make money off of her. #sickbastards

You can learn more about Adam, Rebecca and Eva on Eva’s Facebook page. If you are able to give any anything to help with expenses and reward, I would really appreciate it and I know that they would too! The link to the Chipin is below.

Please… let Eva show up and come back! Adam needs her! -Juli

ChipIn: Help Find Eva the English Bulldog.


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