Share a cup of #coffee today with Adam and #Eva! #lost #dog #dogood #Erick #OK

Give up your daily coffee today and donate the amount you’d normally spend on it to Adam and Eva’s Chipin!

Adam and his English Bulldog, Eva, were in a 12 car accident in Erick, Oklahoma on Saturday, March 31. The cause of the accident is being blamed on fog. Two people died that day and Adam is lucky to be alive. Eva disappeared following the accident and hasn’t been seen since. Adam is still recovering from his injuries in the hospital, nearly 6 weeks later.

Adam is an Air Force Veteran not on active duty which means that he won’t receive 100% of his medical coverage. This is one of the reasons why we need your help.

The other reason is to Help Find Eva the English Bulldog. Where is she? English Bulldogs are quite expensive and when lost, sizable rewards are often needed to get them back. So we’re asking for your help to build a generous reward. If the reward money isn’t needed, then Adam’s fiancee, Rebecca, will be able to use it to pay their bills.

Their future is so uncertain right now and it would help them both if Eva was home safe and sound with them.

Are you willing to forego your daily cup of Joe or pop and donate that money instead to Adam and Eva?!? All you have to do is imagine one of your loved ones in the hospital bed and one of your dogs lost somewhere, in another state, without any sightings.

You can make a secure donation online here. The money goes directly to Rebecca’s PayPal account for her to withdrawl and use for reward or medical expenses. Ask your colleagues to join you, post this to your Facebook page or Tweet about it! Can you give up a coffee or two for a man who’s fought for our country, for you and me and our families? I know I can!

We are waiting for an update on Adam- stay tuned!

Adam and Eva

Adam and Eva


2 thoughts on “Share a cup of #coffee today with Adam and #Eva! #lost #dog #dogood #Erick #OK

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