#Dog #missing from #kennel in #JohnsIsland #SC ! #ItalianBlueMastiff #help #missing #Mastiff #ItalianMastiff

From one of the lost dog groups that I belong to:
“The owner of an Italian Blue Mastiff, male, arrived at a Johns Island Boarding Kennel yesterday a.m. to retrieve her dog.  The dog had been boarded for some 10 days.  According to the information I received, when the owner arrived at the kennel she was told the dog “had disappeared.”!!!
The owner is now handing out flyers, searching, has reported to local agencies, including Police, Pet Helpers, etc. and is looking everywhere for her dog.  Please, please be on the lookout.
If you see this dog you may call or e-mail me – my telephone numbers are 559-2134 (home) and 834-0381 (cell) so that I may in turn contact the owner’s father and let him know.
Thank you.
Jean Townsend
Clark Hills Circle, Johns Island”

5 thoughts on “#Dog #missing from #kennel in #JohnsIsland #SC ! #ItalianBlueMastiff #help #missing #Mastiff #ItalianMastiff

  1. Was this dog found? I saw a Blue Mastiff listed on FaceBook’s Lost Paws Finder found on May 9 but in Maine! “DO YOU KNOW THIS DOG? This blue Mastiff was found on Robinson Hill Rd in Oxford,Maine on May 9. He is a very good boy that loves to play with tennis balls. We are sure his family must be missing him. The shelter is closed today, but if this is your dog, please call us tomorrow at 207-743-8679”.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

      I don’t know this dog or the people who own him. I try to help spread awareness for dogs that are lost or stolen to help reunite them with their families. I’m not sure if this dog has been found yet or not. Call the person listed as the contact for the search- Jean Townsend of Johns Island, cell number 843-834-0381. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Jean- thank you for your comment. My internet hasn’t been working property for the past two days. I was able to read your comment but not look at your link or respond to you until now. I apologize! I do appreciate your comment and help!!! THANK YOU!

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