Xander! X-man! Z-man! He’s a good boy! #FrenchBulldog #Frenchie #dog

Xander is a 3 year old deaf French Bulldog. He’s a very laid back dude with great big eyes that swallow your heart! Here are just a few of the million pictures I’ve taken of him and Izzy too.


6 thoughts on “Xander! X-man! Z-man! He’s a good boy! #FrenchBulldog #Frenchie #dog

    • I’m happy to say that he hasn’t shown an aggression in days! I think it may have come from him going through so many changes in a week. Plus, I’ve read that some deaf dogs show aggression because they aren’t understanding what another dog might be doing (growling, etc). He and Izzy get along so well! They are a great pair!

      • Well, I’d be cranky too if had to go thru many changes in a short time! They are creatures of habit after all! Change need to be introduced slowly and followed thru. He’s a cutie and a keeper! A pair of bulldogs – I’ll be following their antics on your blog! 🙂

      • I know- I can’t blame him for being cranky! He and Izzy played soooo hard tonight! They are both wiped out right now- snoring and tooting, of course! And no potty accidents in the house since Tuesday! YEAH!!

  1. So did you adopt Xander or is he a foster dog? He and Izzy are such a cute pair (though of course they’re adorable on their own as well)!

    • Hey Andrea! How are you?

      I rescued him. He’s the sweetest little thing. He’s not completely potty trained though and he has some dog aggression. Oh- and he’s deaf. But other than that, he’s the cutest little guy who always has this smile on his face!

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