Owner determined to find #dog #missing from #Joplin #tornado 1 yr ago. Who has #Hanah? http://on.fb.me/KQHHlX

If you live in the midwest then you’ve likely seen flyers for this dog, Hanah. One year ago during the Joplin Missouri tornadoes, Hanah went missing and has not been seen since. She was seen after the tornado (as you can see in the center photo of the flyer) so we know that she survived and she was also seen being picked up by an SUV.

It’s very possible that someone picked her up with the good intention of rescuing her, thinking that maybe she was abandoned or something. But you won’t believe how much Hanah’s family wants her back! I’ve seen Hanah’s flyer all over the internet this past year- and I think they’ve even picked up their efforts since it’s the year anniversary of her disappearance. Talk about love!

If you know who has Hanah, you would be doing a wonderful thing by notifying Hanah’s parents at 417-529-8088. There is a nice reward of $2,500 for her safe return or tips that lead to her safe return. If you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble with the persons who have her now, you can remain anonymous- just please do something to reach out to Hanah’s family who misses her beyond belief. No one has to get into any trouble- like I said before, it’s very likely that the person(s) to picked her up did so out of the goodness of their hearts.

Let’s make a really great reunion happen!! Please share! And be sure to visit Hanah’s Facebook page! -Juli


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