URGENT! #Dog used for fighting in need of #help in #Putnam County #FL ! PLZ RT! #rescue #pledge

URGENT from Saving the Dogs and Cats of Putnam County, Florida: 

EMERGENCY – I need your help NOW…I don’t have any other information yet…except that this pup was used in fighting and needs out…volunteer said very sweet but unable to move… I DON’T NEED CRITICS OF THE SHELTER CARE AT THIS POINT..I NEED ALL RESCUES CONTACTED AND PLEDGES FOR VET CARE…I HAVE A LOCAL FOSTER BUT I NEED A RESCUE AND PLEDGES…PLEASE, BEGGING..YOU HAVE ALWAYS COME THROUGH AND I NEED YOU NOW…I WILL DELETE COMMENTS ABOUT THE SHELTER OR COMMENTS ABOUT WHY NO TREATMENT…this is an animal control facility and they are doing the best they can…


Right now, they are tallying donations so that if enough is offered, they can set up the rescue and start a paypal account or chipin or something to collect the funds. If you can help, go to Saving the Dogs and Cats of Putnam County, Florida on Facebook to let them know! Please share this with others!

Thank you to The Patrick Miracle where I first read this post!


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