She’ll steal your heart!! She’s soooo pretty! And she’s looking for #love (a home)! #DesMoines #IA #PitBull #Terrier #dog #Dolly

From the Animal Rescue League of Iowa:

Dolly is a lovely, lively girl with a big heart and great personality! She likes being active, but she calms down nicely after a little exercise and is content to sit next to you and chew on her toys.

She loves going on walks and runs and does very well on a leash. She’ll enjoy playing with her toys in the backyard while you garden or accompanying you on nature walks or strolls around the lake.

This little sweetheart already knows sit and would enjoy learning more in classes. She is definitely treat-motivated and should be easy to train with positive reinforcement. She needs a little work on her mouth manners, so we’re recommending that she go to a home with teens and up. She’d like to meet any potential dog roommates before adoption.

Can you give her a forever home? This dog is part pit bull terrier. Prior to adoption, please check with your city or county to find out if there are specific ordinances related to this breed. If there are, you will be responsible for abiding by those rules. Our adoption counselors will be happy to help you navigate through any city or county requirements. This dog will automatically be enrolled in our Pit Crew Club! Adopters will receive a Pit Crew Club T-shirt and 50 percent off an ARL training course purchased at the time of adoption. We believe that breed alone doesn’t make a dog good or bad. Through proper training and responsible ownership, you can help pit bulls and other bully breeds be respected for the amazing animals they truly are.

If you are interested in Dolly, visit the Animal Rescue League of Iowa website.


2 thoughts on “She’ll steal your heart!! She’s soooo pretty! And she’s looking for #love (a home)! #DesMoines #IA #PitBull #Terrier #dog #Dolly

  1. What great pictures! Photos like that can really go a long way to helping dogs get adopted.

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