Calling all friends! #Eva and #Adam need our #help! Read on! #EnglishBulldog #AirForce #Military #EB #Erick #OK

Calling all friends who can help be a voice for a missing English Bulldog! I need your help! 

Some of you are already familiar with this story and if you aren’t, then you need to be! Go to Help Find Eva the English Bulldog on Facebook, like it, and then start catching up! I’ll provide a brief summary for you here:

Eva was just an 8 month old English Bulldog when she was involved in a fatal accident involving 16 vehicles on March 31, 2012 in Erick, Oklahoma. She survived and so did her human owner, Adam. But 2 other people lost their lives that day. Eva was pulled from the mangled car (actual photo of Adam’s car, below) and was seen tied up to a dark red sedan near the crash with a bowl of water. But she hasn’t been seen since. Someone has her. But who?

The accident was on I-40 near the Texas border where there are many truckers who travel the road and stop at Love’s– a truck stop very close to the accident site. A traveler or trucker may have picked her up, thinking she didn’t have a home and was trying to do no harm.

Adam was very lucky to survive the accident but has a long road ahead of him. He suffered internal injuries and bleeding, two broken legs and a broken pelvis. Immediately following the accident, doctors put him in a medically induced coma. When he woke up weeks later, he didn’t know what had even happened and he had no idea that Eva was missing. This news was devastating to him.

Just last week, Adam was transferred from the Oklahoma City hospital he’s been receiving care from to Texas, where he can be close to family.

Eva belongs to Adam and his fiancee, Rebecca, who both serve in the military. Adam is an Air Force Veteran and was traveling from Oklahoma to California to start a new job when he was involved in the accident. Rebecca lives in Alabama and was by Adam’s side following the accident. It wasn’t long before she had to return to Alabama to continue working her two part-time jobs to pay their bills. Not knowing what the future holds for them is a very frightening thought for her. She knows they will need money to pay for his medical bills but they’ve already accrued to an astronomical amount that no one could ever envision being able to afford.

So what about Eva? Where is she? Who has her? We know that finding Eva is detrimental to Adam’s recovery and that’s why so many are helping to get the word out about her in hopes of finding her. Her Facebook page now has 1,300 followers (BIG thanks to Surf Dog Ricochet for helping advocate for Eva) and a Chipin has been started to help raise money that can be used to help with search efforts (anyone know a Private Investigator who would be willing to help us out????) and to pay any medical bills that are needed.

So what do I need YOUR help for? Well, many of you have connections to influential people who could help share Eva’s story, improving our chances of finding her. And even if you don’t have any connections like that, you can still help by sharing this post, by following Eva’s Facebook page, by asking the following celebrities to do a story on Eva and Adam: Ellen, Anderson Cooper, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America for “How Can Robin Make a Difference for You?”, and anyone else you can possibly think of who loves dogs or loves our service men and women! If you aren’t sure what to say, provide them with a link to Eva’s Facebook page and give them a link to this post! But no one is going to pick up this story unless they get bombarded from all of us, telling them we have a story for them!

However you help, please know how much Adam, Rebecca and even Eva appreciate it! Let’s see them get reunited!!

Thank you for your support! I know I’m asking a lot but this is a pretty big deal and a lot of work has already been done to find Eva and we’re at the point where we need a miracle to be able to bring her home.

Love to all of you!


News9 covered Adam and Eva’s story on April 30th- watch video and see more photos of the wreckage and of Adam.(The above photo of Adam’s care is from NEws9.)


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