UPDATE! REUNITED! #Dog stolen from back seat of car #Rochester #NY. #help #CockerSpaniel #lost #missing #pets

May 21, 2012: According to YNN, this dog has been reunited with his owner! Unsure if exactly what happened, here is what the paper wrote:

05/20/2012 11:15 PM

Missing Dog Found

By: YNN Staff

Missing Dog Found

We have an update now to a story we told you about earlier on YNN.We brought you the story of Mike Eckert and his cocker spaniel he believes was stolen from his car at the Rochester Public Market. Thanks to the report here on YNN, Rochester Animal Control notified us that they had the dog in their possession.

Eckert said he along with his girlfriend were shopping at the Rochester Public Market Saturday, with Gabi in the car. When they returned, she was gone.

“Gabi,” the one year old cocker spaniel is now safe at home.


May 20, 2012:

Gone are the days of being able to leave our dog in the car while we run in the store for a minute. People, seriously, I’m not even joking about this! You think it won’t happen to you? Do you really want to risk it? Earlier today I blogged about how 2 million pets are stolen a year and this number is growing… rapidly! This isn’t the first story I’ve read today about a dog being stolen. This is probably the 5th or 6th. Change your habits with your dogs- or you might be sorry. -Juli

Man Fears Dog was Abducted from the Backseat of His Car – YNN, Your News Now.

Rochester, New York.

A dog goes missing from a parking lot at the Rochester Public Market and its owner believes she was stolen out of the back seat of his car.

Now he’s on a mission to find his cocker spaniel ‘Gabi.’

Pet owner Mike Eckert has always adored cocker spaniels.

“They are not too small, not too big, very friendly dogs,” said Eckert.

He’s owned three cocker spaniels in his lifetime.

And friendly is how he describes ‘Gabi.’

“She’s one year old and just celebrated her first birthday,” he said.

Eckert says Saturday morning around 7:30, he and his girlfriend, along with Gabi took their weekly trip to the Public Market.

“We’ve been going to the market for 16-17 years taking our dog every time,” said Eckert.

But this time for Eckert something went terribly wrong.

He says he left ‘Gabi’ in the back seat of the car, as usual, with the window slightly down.

“I got back to the car first, opened it up, unlocked it from the rear, there’s a hatch back and noticed right away,” Eckert said.

He says after shopping, he came back to his car and Gabi was gone.

“I was stunned. Just virtually speechless,” said Eckert.

Speechless that someone may have taken Gabi right out of the backseat of his car.

“What the police speculate is someone somehow reached in and probably grabbed her through the opening (of the back window) and just took off,” said Eckert.

Eckert says he was in this parking lot between Scio and Union Streets for about 40 minutes before his dog went missing. And although he says no one seemed to see anything, he says there was surveillance video in the area he hopes will help.

“I was told there was a police camera on that large new lot and it would be a period of time before anyone would be able to review the tape to see if anything does show up,” said Eckert.

Eckert says he immediately filed a police report and posted ‘Gabi’s’ picture on Facebook.

And although temperatures were not hot at that time of morning, he says it has crossed his mind that someone may have tried to save the dog from being inside the car.

“If that is the scenario we just want, if someone did that, for them to know she’s well taken care of and we’d do anything to get her back,” he said.

…back into his arms, no questions asked, and he’s even offering a reward.

“We are not concerned with how we get her back just that we get her back,” he said.


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