#Dog #theft- it keeps rising! It only takes a minute for a thug to take your most prized possession!

It’s a beautiful day here in Iowa! Before letting your dog hangout in your fenced-in yard without your direct supervision, take a look at this link. According to Last Chance for Animals (LCA), nearly TWO MILLION companion animals are STOLEN each year (read more on the Stolen Pets website).

Your fenced-in yard won’t stop a thief from taking your dog. And how many of you have dogs that LOVE to go for car rides? Think twice before bringing Fido along with you when you run your errands. Running into the store for two minutes is long enough for a thug to figure a way into your locked car to drive off with your most prized possession (not the car).

I admit it- I use to bring my dog with me everywhere. I’d bring a second set of keys with me so that I could lock her in the car with the air conditioner on while I ran inside a store or gas station for “just a sec”. Then I’d use the spare key to lock and unlock from the outside. Not any more! I don’t trust ANYONE- and neither should you! Especially knowing Monty’s story!

Please be cautious. If you have to take Fido with you, make sure your errands involved drive-thru’s so that you don’t leave him/her AT ALL. And never let your dog be unsupervised in your yard even for a second! It’s not worth it!

Be sure your pets are microchipped so that you improve your chance of recovering your pet! The cost is usually around $40 (don’t quote me on that) but if the cost is too high for you, talk to your vet about programs that can help pay for the chip. A local bank just sponsored a microchip clinic in my town last week. Each chip was only $5! And if your vet don’t know of any- maybe YOU could look for a sponsor in your area to do the same thing!



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