Hey friends- I’m desperate to help this family find their #EnglishBulldog! #Erick #OK

This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Where is Eva? Who has her that wouldn’t want to get her back to her family? So many volunteers have been working feverishly in and around the Erick, Oklahoma area, trying to inform everyone about Eva. Flyers have been placed all over the state, phone calls, faxes, social media, etc… nothing has been left to do. Yet no one has come forward to say they’ve found her.

Want to help? Obviously we need you to tell THE WORLD about Eva! The more who know, the better the chance that she gets back with her family. If you would like to make a financial contribution to help with search efforts and medical expenses from Adam’s accident, a Chipin has been sent up here. Let me tell ya… not nearly enough money has been raised! So if you can give anything, even $5, you would help A LOT! A reward needs to be raised and since Adam can’t work and doesn’t have full military benefits, money is desperately needed!

For the full story on Eva and how she became lost, visit her Facebook page.

Thank you ALL for any help you can provide!


PS- look how AWESOME this volunteer is! Moving marketing for Eva! YEAH!!!!


One thought on “Hey friends- I’m desperate to help this family find their #EnglishBulldog! #Erick #OK

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