This little special needs #pug needs a new #foster! Who will come 2 her #rescue? #Orlando #FL PLZ RT! #dog #rescue

From the Facebook page of Pug Rescue of Florida:

This little girl urgently needs a new foster! She’s been with her current foster for over a year now in the Orlando, Florida area. But now something has come up and she needs a new foster ASAP!

Her name is Cubby (isn’t she the cutest?) and she needs a foster home (preferably a permanent home) that’s quiet and without any other dogs. She’s had spinal surgery, rehab and soft palate surgery. She’s been spayed and has had most of her teeth removed. All of this since she’s been in foster care. She is able to hobble around but is incontinent (both bladder and bowels) so she needs to be with someone who loves her so much that changing her isn’t even an issue! Her bio says that she’s a lover and just wants someone to love on! She has two weeks left and then what???

If you are interested, contact the Pug Rescue of Florida at

Help this girl find a new home!! HELP!

Photo: CUBBY'S TIME US UP   Cubby has been with rescue now for wellover a year.  Her foster mom is having some difficulties and cannot foster her any longer.  Cubby needs a forever home with no other dogs.... at the very least Cubby needs another foster home that is quiet and has little or no dogs.   She has gone after the dogs in the foster home.  And seems to want to be your only Princess(Diva).   She has had spinal surgery, rehab, soft palate surgery, spay and dental (most of her teeth are missing now) since she has been with rescue.  She can still "hobble" around and has difficulty with incontinence (both fecal and urine)  She has so much love to give her human.   Could you find it in your heart to take this special needs girl??    We have 2 weeks from now until the vacation foster can not keep her any longer.  She NEEDS a hero.  Please contact us through


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