New developments in the search for #Eva provide closure for family. #EnglishBulldog #Erick #OK #missing #dog #RIP

So many of you have been helping with the search for Eva. New developments have about over the weekend and an announcement on her Facebook page was posted earlier today:

“Good Sunday Morning Team Eva. Some of you have contacted me personally about the Eva site being down for the last few days. Last week I opened up several discussions by answering questions on the timeline instead of on the photos or messages where they were asked. It brought about some new information from new sources that had to be investigated. If your posts, pictures or comments were hidden or deleted I apologize but Rebecca and Adam’s feelings had to come first. Please remember Adam does not remember the accident or all of his hospital stay after he woke up almost a week later. Certain aspects of this information will not be discussed on this page to protect the feelings of Adam and all who love Eva.

We know now that Eva was injured in the wreck and did not survive. This is not the outcome we wanted but if not for the efforts of Team Eva and the sharing and support of this wonderful group of people we would not have known. Eva has brought together the most wonderful and loving group of people…This love is her legacy. Rebecca and Adam send their love and appreciation to all of you.”

Many have left comments for Adam and Rebecca on Eva’s Facebook page today- please feel free to stop by and do the same thing. This news wasn’t easy for either of them to take but they know that closure is needed for them to move forward with life. Adam still has a lot of recovering to do and now his heart can also start to mend.

RIP, sweet Eva. You brought so many together in search of you. We fell in love with you and your mommy and daddy. Watch over them and be sure to give your daddy kisses to help him get better. XOXO

RIP Eva, March 31, 2012


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