#Animal offender registry- great idea! #dog #cat #pets #abuse

Yes! We desperately need an animal offender registry! And I want to work there! It would be a great resource for shelters to use when screening potential adopters.


2 thoughts on “#Animal offender registry- great idea! #dog #cat #pets #abuse

  1. a great idea, i know some people that should be on it especially a woman that had starved a mastiff down to 45lbs telling everyone it had cancer, it did not, it was removed from her and she was arrested, nothing became of the charges. She had other mastiffs that disappeared that she bred often. She ended up with another little dog that disappeared and now breeds pitbull pups, the parents are on a 5 ft chain all winter long outside but because they have a poor excuse of a dog house the law cant take them away. So wrong. We have so many unwanted pitbulls in the shelters and so many being victim of BSL and she is an irresponsible breeder that should not be allowed near an animal.

    • That’s insane! That’s just disgusting! What a horrible, horrible person! I would love for that person to live her life on a 5ft chain, starving outside during all times of the year!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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