UPDATE! #Stolen #EnglishBulldog is home safe! #Youngstown #OH! Thx @bullymonst 4 this update! @bringmabelhome

Saturday, September 15, 2012:

GREAT news! Mabel is now with her owners and she’s safe!! Mabel was traveling with her humans in Ohio a month ago and while her family was eating inside of a restaurant, the van she was in was broken into and she was stolen. Long story short, Mabel’s family got a call this week from a woman who said she just purchased an English Bulldog from Craigslist for $500 and she thinks it’s Mabel. The reunion happened last night- it IS Mabel!

Mabel’s story has a happy ending but so many dogs who are stolen are never found. Congratulations to Mabel and her family! And to the woman who purchased Mabel on Craigslist and then realized afterwards that she dog belonged to someone else- you are a HERO! You are a wonderful, beautiful woman with a great big heart of gold!

Photos of the reunion and posts from her mom are on her Facebook page- you really should take a look! -Juli

Original post, August 16, 2012:

Please follow this story on Facebook, Bring Mabel Home.

Liberty, Ohio (near Youngstown)

A family from Idaho was traveling in Youngstown and their vehicle was broken into. They took anything of value they could, including the dog (or so they assume she was stolen- she may have ran off but apparently this area is known for dog theft and dog fights). Their vehicle was parked behind the Bob Evans Restaurant on 3818 Belmont Avenue.

PLEASE do whatever you can to find Mabel!!!


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