Even MORE trouble for @PalomaTheBoston ! They need us more NOW than B4! PLZ RT! PLZ #help! #BostonTerrier #BT

Update: Monday, August 20, 9:40pm

Their nightmare continues with the moving company. Another deduction from their account was made today- without their authorization! It was noticed tonight- when the bank is closed and there’s nothing that can be done until they open again in the morning.

If you can spare anything, ANYTHING, please donate through PayPal to email address LaSantaRoja@live.com. 

It’s truly a horrible thing when bad things happen to good people. And we all know how GOOD Paloma and her family are! If they only had $5 to their name and knew that a friend needed it more than them, they’d give it up! Please give what you can!

With much gratitude,


Wednesday, August 15, 10:08pm- more photos have been added! Read and scroll on!

Our dear friend P-Jiggy, the rapping Boston Terrier, needs our help!

She and her family just moved to another city in Ohio and the movers SCAMMED them! They didn’t finish the job and they charged them TWICE the amount!

Let’s deal with the legal stuff later- they need our help NOW! 

They need money to eat – both humans and animals – until they can get more money at the 1st of September. Do you have $5? Do you have $10? Do you have more to give? Just think how much we could all help if we donated $5 each!

Paloma and her family have taken in strays many, many times and have absorbed many vet bills in doing so. And more than that, they’ve experienced the heartache and loss of caring for some of these sick strays, like precious Phoenix who died just recently.

And what about all the advocacy work that Paloma does? To prevent bullying, in support of Treyvon Martin and for Lennox the Pit Bull who was recently euthanized because of his breed. And for advocating for other dog and cat rescue groups? She does A LOT to help others!

For all the smiles, laughs, raps, photos, notes of encouragement and everything else, please help Paloma and her family get back up on their feet! Give anything you can through PayPal to email address: LaSantaRoja@live.com.

Thank you in advance for your support and for sending this on to others! Together, we can do GREAT things! I love you, P-Jiggy! -Juli

Some of my favorite photos from Paloma and her family:

Happy Birthday, Paloma!

You have to know Paloma to appreciate this picture. Recently Uggy gave everyone quite a scare with some breathing issues he had. He even had to spend a couple of nights at the Vet. Before this though, Paloma had a normal sibling relationship with Uggy in that she was always quite annoyed with him. But after Uggy’s medical scare, Paloma has a new-found love and appreciation for him. This picture shows that!

This is Uggy, Paloma’s big Pug Brother. The caption on Facebook to this picture: “Dis Pug beez swabbinz da deck!”

Refusing to wear the skunk costume her mom bought her, Paloma went as her alter-ego, P-Jiggy, for Halloween 2011.

Please give through PayPal to LaSantaRoja@live.com.

Visit Paloma’s store on Zazzle!


10 thoughts on “Even MORE trouble for @PalomaTheBoston ! They need us more NOW than B4! PLZ RT! PLZ #help! #BostonTerrier #BT

  1. We all love Lomie and her crew of Merry Hooligans! I am so happy that we can help her out. Paloma’s mom is just amazing and helps and loves animals. This is a beautiful blog post and the pics cracked me up!
    -Luv and pug kisses
    Kermit and momma Liz

    • Ah thanks, “Benson’s Mom”! You are so kind! I’m only trying to do what Paloma already does for so many people! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! it’s nice to meet you! -Juli

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