Here’s a photo of the suspects believed to have #stolen a #service #dog in #Lolo #MT! #HELP! #Missoula #ID PLZ RT!

October 18, 2012

Here is a photo of the couple believed to have stolen this service dog in Lolo, Montana. If you know who this couple is, please do the right thing and contact the authorities!

Jalita the service dog stolen in Montana

Jalita the service dog stolen in Montana

Jalita was stolen in a campground in Lolo, Montana. She’s a service dog to a hearing impaired family. She is trained in sign language.

Thanks to Lost Paws Finder for reporting this information and providing updates on Jalita.


September 30, 2012

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Missoula, MT

Jalita was stolen from a campground in Lolo, Montana. She is a service dog who assists her hearing-impaired owners. She is trained in sign language commands.

Jalita is a Huskey/Wolf hybrid mix. She is medium size, mostly grey and black, orange inner coat with a feather-like tail. She was wearing a black nylon collar. She is on a special diet because she is a hybrid.

She is a very well trained and well behaved dog but right now she might be traumatized so she would probably be extremely cautious of people since this couple tore her away from her family!

Police reports have been made in Missoula, Montana and Idaho. Stolen dog has been reported to Animal controls in both states. Lost dog has been reported at Humane Societies in both states as well.

Contact Info: or 360-771-5132 text only.

Thanks to Lost Paws Finder for this info!

Jalita the service dog, stolen from her family near Missoula Montana


#EnglishBulldog #puppy #missing in #Houston #TX! #Help find #Fatboy! #lost #dog

This info comes from the Facebook page of Bring Mabel Home (an English Bulldog who was once missing but has been reunited with her family). I don’t have any other information about Fatboy, the missing puppy below.

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UPDATE: Poppy’s been found safe- she’s back home! #Poppy the black #Pug stolen from her home in #Grimsby #England! #missing #dog @PalomaTheBoston

November 5, 2012:

I originally posted about Poppy on September 29, 2012. She is a black pug who lives in England and was stolen from her humans. However today brings GREAT news for Poppy and her family- she’s back home!

I don’t have any information as to where she’s been, who’s had her or how she was found. Her Facebook page was updated today with major excitement saying she was home! For all of you out there looking for your lost/missing dog, please don’t give up! Use social media- it’s powerful and it only helps. Start a Facebook page of your own (or if you don’t know how to do that, let me know and I’ll start it for you until you get the hang of it). But just don’t give up.

Congratulations to Poppy and her family! -Juli

The cutest baby puppy picture ever- Poppy!!

Original post:

Thanks, Paloma (@PalomaTheBoston) for bringing this to my attention!

The 14 week old black Pug was stolen from her home in the Heneage Road area of Grimsby, England.

Have you seen this puppy anywhere? In an ad for sale? In someone’s home? She may have been sold to an innocent family, not knowing she was stolen!

Distinguishing features:
– 3 small bald patches near left ear
– small puncture mark near her nose

This is all the information I have on this puppy (she’s not mine). But a Facebook page has been set up for her (Help Find Poppy) so please refer to that for updates. Please share this info with your networks no matter where you live! – Juli

I wonder what he wonders about…

One thing that always has me concerned are the thoughts in Xander’s head. As a little guy who’s had more than one owner, is he always worried that he will be left again?

I don’t know much about his life before I rescued him in Spring 2012. I was told that he was surrendered by his owner because they lived in an apartment and he barked a lot. That’s all I was told. His bio on the rescue website appealed to me because he seemed like he’d be compatible with Izzy. And of course there were photos of him- those big brown eyes swallowed my heart up in one gulp!

During my phone interview I was told that he was deaf. That made me nervous but I figured that many other hearing humans have adopted deaf dogs, why can’t I? Plus I know sign language so I can teach him sign so that we can communicate better.

Then during my home visit, I was told he had an inverted tail.

So that’s when I realized that his owners probably weren’t able to communicate with him and that’s why he barked so much- he was frustrated. And maybe the inverted tail was a pain to clean and keep on top of and the owner decided to give him up.

My poor guy was so misunderstood! Or at least I think he was. He’s NOT deaf. He might be hearing impaired but I’m not even sure about that. And he doesn’t have an inverted tail either.

Xander is the sweetest guy ever. He’s also extremely mellow. Like, big time. He prefers to cuddle over anything else. No wait, I take that back- he loves food. I mean, he really loves food! Food, then cuddles! And he’s not a barker at all. It took quite awhile before I even heard him bark and it’s not even a full bark. It’s this low gruff noise. It’s very adorable and I welcome hearing it!

I had to kennel train him and he barked in the beginning but for less than five minutes after going into it. Then he’d sleep the rest of the time.

His eyes make me worry. They are so big- I feel like I can see right into them and read his thoughts on his brain. They make him look sad. I can’t help but wonder if he’s always worried that I might leave him like his first owner did. I verbally tell him that I will never, ever leave him and that he doesn’t have to worry. And I won’t leave him. Ever. I mean that. My home and my arms are his, forever. I’ll never let him go. But how do I earn that trust with him? Or have I already and I just don’t know it?

My Xan-man, you aren’t going anywhere without me! With me you have love and safety. Forever. 


Xander the Great





80th bday celebration (in human yrs) for a special #labrador in #Iowa. #Gordonfest @thebbushes

This is a pretty cool birthday celebration for a yellow labrador retriever in Iowa! Check it out!

Gordon is an 11.5 year old (80 in human years) yellow lab. In honor of this milestone birthday, his human is throwing him the 2nd annual GORDONFEST! And this isn’t just any canine celebration- this is a big blow-out!

Gordon is the father to some 390+ pups who live all over the country- from the west coast all the way to the east coast. Many of these pups are still in touch with Gordon’s human and 80 of them came to the first annual GORDONFEST last year! Can you believe that?!

So GORDONFEST II is this Sunday, September 30th, at Sportman’s Park, just 6 miles south of Cascade in Iowa, from 1-6pm. But that’s not all. A party’s not a party without live music, right?

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband will also be there to play Bluegrass! (I know, right?) This is one helluva canine party! (Izzy and Xander will NOT be told about this party- mama can’t afford anything more than a birthday cake for these two!)

If you aren’t familiar with this band, you need to be! Click here to listen to some of their songs. Their sound is so impressive! Their voices will blow you away and make you start dancing in your seat! They are freakin’ GOOOOOOOOOD! I can only imagine how great they are LIVE!

I love knowing there are other people out there who love their dogs as much as I love mine. Gordon’s a lucky dog with a human who’s heart is made of gold. Happy 80th birthday, Gordon! I know you’ll enjoy seeing your kids and grandkids this weekend!



#Stolen #Weimaraner in #StLouis #MO! Do you know this person/suspect? #Dog is a #foster! #help!

Belle is a Wonder Weims Weimaraner and was stolen last night near 5700 Holly hills, St Louis, Mo 63109, in Francis Park! 

Belle, was at a new foster home. A jogger by the name of “Angela” (likely not her real name) came by the foster home. She’s familiar to the foster asked if she could jog around the park with Belle to see how she did and possibly adopt her. Belle was never returned!

Belle has a full tail so she should be easier to identify!

The girl that took her is about 25 years old, brown hair and has a scar on her arm. Please call Angie at 314 330 8481 if you have any info!

via Facebook.

Belle stolen in St Louis MO

Keep pup cool in the heat w/ these #Canine Cooling #Collars! Fun prints, affordable, supports Western #ID #Pug #Rescue! @kiddothepug

READER ALERT: The photos and products you are about too see are so stinkin’ cute that you might smile ear to ear! -Juli

These are soooo cute and they keep your pooch comfortable and cool in warm/hot weather! Not only that, but they are totally affordable and then a good chunk of each purchase goes to the Western Idaho Pug Rescue! How cool is THAT?! DOUBLE COOL!! (Get it? The collars make you cool and then it’s cool to support the Pug rescue? Ok, I thought it was clever of me.)

Here are some photos of Izzy and Xander with their cooling collar! I know I’m biased and all but, aren’t they cute??!?! LOVE the pattern! You can look stinkin’ cute like Izzy and Xander too- get yours online at kiddothepug etsy shop!

My man, Xan, all comfy in his Cooling Collar.

My Izzy- she's too cool for skool in her Cooling Collar!