Keep pup cool in the heat w/ these #Canine Cooling #Collars! Fun prints, affordable, supports Western #ID #Pug #Rescue! @kiddothepug

READER ALERT: The photos and products you are about too see are so stinkin’ cute that you might smile ear to ear! -Juli

These are soooo cute and they keep your pooch comfortable and cool in warm/hot weather! Not only that, but they are totally affordable and then a good chunk of each purchase goes to the Western Idaho Pug Rescue! How cool is THAT?! DOUBLE COOL!! (Get it? The collars make you cool and then it’s cool to support the Pug rescue? Ok, I thought it was clever of me.)

Here are some photos of Izzy and Xander with their cooling collar! I know I’m biased and all but, aren’t they cute??!?! LOVE the pattern! You can look stinkin’ cute like Izzy and Xander too- get yours online at kiddothepug etsy shop!

My man, Xan, all comfy in his Cooling Collar.

My Izzy- she's too cool for skool in her Cooling Collar!


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