80th bday celebration (in human yrs) for a special #labrador in #Iowa. #Gordonfest @thebbushes

This is a pretty cool birthday celebration for a yellow labrador retriever in Iowa! Check it out!

Gordon is an 11.5 year old (80 in human years) yellow lab. In honor of this milestone birthday, his human is throwing him the 2nd annual GORDONFEST! And this isn’t just any canine celebration- this is a big blow-out!

Gordon is the father to some 390+ pups who live all over the country- from the west coast all the way to the east coast. Many of these pups are still in touch with Gordon’s human and 80 of them came to the first annual GORDONFEST last year! Can you believe that?!

So GORDONFEST II is this Sunday, September 30th, at Sportman’s Park, just 6 miles south of Cascade in Iowa, from 1-6pm. But that’s not all. A party’s not a party without live music, right?

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband will also be there to play Bluegrass! (I know, right?) This is one helluva canine party! (Izzy and Xander will NOT be told about this party- mama can’t afford anything more than a birthday cake for these two!)

If you aren’t familiar with this band, you need to be! Click here to listen to some of their songs. Their sound is so impressive! Their voices will blow you away and make you start dancing in your seat! They are freakin’ GOOOOOOOOOD! I can only imagine how great they are LIVE!

I love knowing there are other people out there who love their dogs as much as I love mine. Gordon’s a lucky dog with a human who’s heart is made of gold. Happy 80th birthday, Gordon! I know you’ll enjoy seeing your kids and grandkids this weekend!




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