I wonder what he wonders about…

One thing that always has me concerned are the thoughts in Xander’s head. As a little guy who’s had more than one owner, is he always worried that he will be left again?

I don’t know much about his life before I rescued him in Spring 2012. I was told that he was surrendered by his owner because they lived in an apartment and he barked a lot. That’s all I was told. His bio on the rescue website appealed to me because he seemed like he’d be compatible with Izzy. And of course there were photos of him- those big brown eyes swallowed my heart up in one gulp!

During my phone interview I was told that he was deaf. That made me nervous but I figured that many other hearing humans have adopted deaf dogs, why can’t I? Plus I know sign language so I can teach him sign so that we can communicate better.

Then during my home visit, I was told he had an inverted tail.

So that’s when I realized that his owners probably weren’t able to communicate with him and that’s why he barked so much- he was frustrated. And maybe the inverted tail was a pain to clean and keep on top of and the owner decided to give him up.

My poor guy was so misunderstood! Or at least I think he was. He’s NOT deaf. He might be hearing impaired but I’m not even sure about that. And he doesn’t have an inverted tail either.

Xander is the sweetest guy ever. He’s also extremely mellow. Like, big time. He prefers to cuddle over anything else. No wait, I take that back- he loves food. I mean, he really loves food! Food, then cuddles! And he’s not a barker at all. It took quite awhile before I even heard him bark and it’s not even a full bark. It’s this low gruff noise. It’s very adorable and I welcome hearing it!

I had to kennel train him and he barked in the beginning but for less than five minutes after going into it. Then he’d sleep the rest of the time.

His eyes make me worry. They are so big- I feel like I can see right into them and read his thoughts on his brain. They make him look sad. I can’t help but wonder if he’s always worried that I might leave him like his first owner did. I verbally tell him that I will never, ever leave him and that he doesn’t have to worry. And I won’t leave him. Ever. I mean that. My home and my arms are his, forever. I’ll never let him go. But how do I earn that trust with him? Or have I already and I just don’t know it?

My Xan-man, you aren’t going anywhere without me! With me you have love and safety. Forever. 


Xander the Great






4 thoughts on “I wonder what he wonders about…

    • You are so sweet! But I agree with you- he’ s such a sweet guy too- a real love bug. I really can’t believe that ANYONE would give him up. He’s so mellow, so happy all the time, looooooves people, and likes other dogs too. He’s pretty great!

      Thanks for commenting!!!

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