UPDATE: Poppy’s been found safe- she’s back home! #Poppy the black #Pug stolen from her home in #Grimsby #England! #missing #dog @PalomaTheBoston

November 5, 2012:

I originally posted about Poppy on September 29, 2012. She is a black pug who lives in England and was stolen from her humans. However today brings GREAT news for Poppy and her family- she’s back home!

I don’t have any information as to where she’s been, who’s had her or how she was found. Her Facebook page was updated today with major excitement saying she was home! For all of you out there looking for your lost/missing dog, please don’t give up! Use social media- it’s powerful and it only helps. Start a Facebook page of your own (or if you don’t know how to do that, let me know and I’ll start it for you until you get the hang of it). But just don’t give up.

Congratulations to Poppy and her family! -Juli

The cutest baby puppy picture ever- Poppy!!

Original post:

Thanks, Paloma (@PalomaTheBoston) for bringing this to my attention!

The 14 week old black Pug was stolen from her home in the Heneage Road area of Grimsby, England.

Have you seen this puppy anywhere? In an ad for sale? In someone’s home? She may have been sold to an innocent family, not knowing she was stolen!

Distinguishing features:
– 3 small bald patches near left ear
– small puncture mark near her nose

This is all the information I have on this puppy (she’s not mine). But a Facebook page has been set up for her (Help Find Poppy) so please refer to that for updates. Please share this info with your networks no matter where you live! – Juli


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