Please #help find a home for these 2 senior #cats in #Fairfield #IA. Their owner passed away last week.


I have a favor to ask of you. I need your help finding a home for these two senior Himalayan cats. They belonged to the mother of a dear friend of mine and last week, she suddenly passed away.

They live in Fairfield, Iowa and are 15 and 16 years old. They must be adopted together. A quiet home would be ideal for them. No small children at all and they MUST be kept as indoor cats.

They might be ok with another mellow cat or mellow dog but preferably a home that’s slower paced.

Can you please share this with your networks? My friend can’t take them because she has very young cats of her own and the four of them wouldn’t mesh. It’s a terribly sad situation and a difficult one at that.

Please share this flyer with others who you think would enjoy the company of two older feline boys.

Many thanks,



Woman carjacked in #NewOrleans – her #dog was inside! #Help find #Skeeter! PLZ RT! #Chihuahua #JRT #missing #lost #stolen

This story is from WDSU News, Channel 6, New Orleans. (click link to be taken to video coverage of the story)


New Orleans police said a woman was attacked and carjacked, and now she is desperately searching for her dog, which was inside her vehicle when it was stolen.

Meg Hall said a man grabbed and hit her Tuesday about 10:30 p.m., as she was getting into her vehicle in the 2300 block of Burdette Street.

Hall and her family are scouring the neighborhood, asking anyone who may have seen Skeeter to speak up.

“(Skeeter) is a nervous, fragile dog,” Hall said. “He’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix, 8 pounds, 11 years old and going to be really scared.”

Hall said she was in the driveway about to leave when a man on a bike rode up and forced her car door open. He pretended to have a gun, she said.

Hall said she fought back and kicked and screamed, but the man dragged her out of the vehicle and hit her in the face. It happened so fast, Hall said, that it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds.

“As soon as he pulled me and hit me, I got up and I ran. I was banging on the window, ‘Please give me my dog. I want my dog. Give me my dog,'” Hall said.

She said the carjacker jumped into her Lincoln Navigator and drove down South Claiborne Avenue toward Broadway Street with her purse, phone and Skeeter still inside.

“I hope they didn’t abandon the car and Skeeter’s in there somewhere. I want people looking for the car,” Hall said.

Hall said she’s focusing on finding her 11-year-old dog and getting him back safe.

via Crook takes woman’s SUV, dog | New Orleans – WDSU Home.

Dragons, sharks, bats, giraffs… thanks for sharing your #pet #Halloween costumes with me!

THANKS for sharing your HOWL-O-WEEN photos with me! I love each and every one of them! 

I put user submitted photos into a drawing for a small gift basket from Woofables The Gourmet Dog Bakery. The lucky dog who will receive this awesome gift is…..

LUKE! From Iowa City!! Congratulations, Luke! I’ll be in touch with your mom about where to send the gift basket!

Thanks for playing everyone! Enjoy the photos! Have a safe and happy Halloween! -Juli

Phoebe has TWO costumes! First she’s Honey Boo and next she’s Butler Blue! Greenwood, Indiana. @deuceandtooie

Kermit Napoleon as a Baby Dragon. Phoenix, Arizona. @wirednerves

Luke as The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Iowa City, Iowa.

Hemi Ryder as Captain Jack Sparro. Memphis, Tennessee.

Lexie as a spunky cheerleader. North Liberty, Iowa.

Penelope as the Queen of Hearts. Reston, Virginia.

Gracie as Marilyn Monroe. Hubertus, Wisconsin. @bullymonst

Libby as a biker with a sidecar. North Liberty, Iowa.

Paloma Jane Undertooth as a school teacher. Cincinnati, Ohio. @PalomaTheBoston

Uggy as Dracular. Cincinnati, Ohio. @PalomaTheBoston

A ZOO! Sadie Mae as the giraffe, Jack as a lion and Mija as a monkey. Iowa City, Iowa.

Francesca as a spooky bat! Toronto, Canada. @chessaboo

Gary and Dublin are convicts! Iowa City, Iowa.

Syd as a dragon! Indianapolis, Indiana. @CherylChat415

I added this photo of my friend, Puppy, but he doesn’t know it. Puppy lives in New York City and is without power due to Superstorm Sandy. He was able to get to an area with power earlier today to let everyone know that he’s ok and to post this Halloween photo. I couldn’t resist sharing! Follow Puppy on Twitter at @puppysblog and on his blog.

And finally, my two little Halloweeners:

Izzy as a happy shark.

Xander as Batman!

#Missing #cat in #DesMoines #IA! #Beaverdale neighborhood. PLZ RT! #Help #lost

From the Missing Pets Alliance Facebook page:

Cat missing from Des Moines, Iowa neighborhood of Beaverdale. Please contact Sheila O’Neal at 255-9065 if you have any information. The cat has a half white, half black face with orange spots on her back. Her name is Emma.

Way to go, @PalomaTheBoston! Thank you 4 thinking of others and doing something 2 save lives! #BostonTerrier #dog


Our girl is in the news… again!

You know her, you love her, and you can’t get enough of her! Paloma Jane Undertooth (@PalomaTheBoston) is our rapping Boston Terrier friend who lifts our spirits when we are down and who volunteers a bunch of her time to help others. She’s one of a kind and we love her so much! Here’s a news story on Paloma about her latest efforts to save lives! LOVE YOU, P! -Juli

Dog with online following raises funds for other pets. 

By Beth Sears

MORROW — Paloma Jane has raised money for pet oxygen masks, alerted others about lost dogs, and notified people about dogs in need of foster homes.

Paloma Jane Undertooth, aka. P-Jiggy

It’s all in a day’s work for the 4-year-old Boston terrier, owned by Jennifer Williams.

Williams said she and her dog, Paloma Jane Undertooth, became involved in the animal community after she created a Facebook page for the dog about two years ago.

“On a whim, I thought it would be cute to make her a Facebook,” Williams said.

The page was a hit, and soon the dog had her own Twitter, Instagram & Instacanvas, Pinterest, WordPress blog, Online Zazzle store and LinkedIn accounts. The dog has more than 2,500 Facebook friends and about 1,700 Twitter followers.

“People just love her,” Williams said, adding that she responds daily to when people post messages or ask the dog questions.

Through the dog’s Facebook page, Williams was introduced to the “anipal community” online. She said it springs into action if there is a missing dog or a dog in a shelter is in need of a home.

Earlier this year, Williams used the dog’s Facebook page to promote a fund-raiser for pet oxygen masks for fire departments.

“Paloma was the party promoter,” Williams said, explaining that another dog organized the online auction that raised $5,000 to buy pet oxygen masks. Firefighters can use these specially-designed animal masks on pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation or lost consciousness after exposure to toxic fumes.

From the fundraiser, Williams was able to secure two pet oxygen masks for the Deerfield Twp. Fire Department. Williams and her dog presented those earlier this month.

“People love Paloma because her online ‘pawsonality’ is always positive, funny and obviously adorable,” Williams noted. “I have actually received letters from several people thanking me for Paloma’s posts (and) telling me how they look forward to them because they need a laugh at the end of the work day or they’re going through hard times and it helps them forget for a minute.”

Williams, a stay-at-home mother, said she is now working on a children’s book about Paloma and her friends.

via Dog with online following raises funds for other pets |

Follow Paloma on Twitter, Facebook, Zazzle, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress.

Found #dog looking for his family! Do you recognize him? Near #Marble #NC! PLZ RT!

From the Facebook page of Lost & Found Dogs- North Carolina:


Anyone recognize me?

Rescued and safe but looking for his original family.


Here is a picture of the dog that was found on a road near Marble NC in July . I adopted him from a rescue in August 2012 but I would like to find his family. He is still looking for his family. I can tell and would like to find them. I think he came from a family with children because he is always wanting to be with children when he sees them. I think he needs to find his original family.


Please email me at if this is your dog that has been missing since July 2012.

#Missing #American #Bulldog in #Lynchburg #VA. #Help #find #Repo! PLZ RT! #lost #dog #reward

From the Facebook page of Missing Pet Alliance:

My name is Repo.I cant find my way back home.Im missing my brother&sister&my Dad.I am from the Eastbrook area of Lynchburg.I havnt been home since Fri.9/21/12.There is a reward out for my return no questions asked.If you can help me find my way back home please call 434-401-8125.My Dad has been worried to death and I know he misses me.