#Vote for my friend, Gracie! Now thru Oct 7! @bullymonst #EnglishBulldog #Bulldog #EB #dog

It’s time to VOTE for our precious GRACIE girl in the Ador-A-Bullogs Calendar Contest!!


I Lubs You All!

Voting dates were wrong when I initially posted about this- my apologies! But now you can get on the Ador-A-Bull Bulldog Calendar 2013 website and VOTE for GRACIE!

You can vote three times every 24 hours per one email address. So far, she has 88 votes! YEAH! Proceeds (after the cost of producing the calendars) will go to bulldog rescues. Voting started on October 1st and goes through noon PST on October 7th. You can read more about the voting rules by going to their website.

You: “Oh man! I don’t want to sign up to get spam emails and stuff just to be able to vote!”


Me: “Don’t worry- signing up will take you all of 30 seconds (if that) and you won’t receive any emails (except a confirmation email).”

Thanks to all in advance for voting for our dear friend Gracie! And seriously, how can you NOT vote for that precious face of hers?!?!? -Juli


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