Let’s have fun with #Halloween #pet photos! Participants entered to win a #Woofables gift basket!

I LOVE HALLOWEEN and want to have fun with my Kissbeep followers!

Submit a photo of your pet (it doesn’t have to be a dog), dressed in Halloween attire for a chance to win a Woofables small gift basket!

Small Gift Basket from Woofables!

This isn’t a contest for best costume or anything- there’s plenty of those out there! This is just a way to have fun with your pets, their costumes, and possibly come out with a yummy free gift for participating!

By the way, Woofables The Gourmet Dog Bakery, makes handmade dog biscuits, using naturally healthy ingredients, with care- and I mean, with some serious care! They are based out of Coralville, Iowa but have wholesale and individual clients all over the country! Does your dog have food allergies? Check out their website to learn how your pup can still enjoy yummy treats that are good for him and won’t make him sick! And of course follow them on Facebook!

Back to the fun…

Here’s what I need from you to enter (it’s not much- don’t worry!):

– Your Name

– Pet’s Name

– Name of Costume/Character

– City and State where you reside 

– Email subject line: Halloween on Kissbeep (please don’t forget this part- I have too many emails and your email will likely get lost in the bunch if it’s not obvious for me to see!)

Send your photo to: kennedyjules@yahoo.com anytime between now and October 28th. I’ll post ALL submissions on my blog on October 31st and announce the winner of the gift basket.

If you have more than one pet, you can submit photos for each if you’d like! But to keep things fair, you’ll only be entered into the drawing for the free Woofables gift basket just one time.

Izzy isn’t a fan of anything on her head or her feet so I have to be pretty selective with which costumes I get for her. Below are the best photos I could get of her in costumes from previous years.

Izzy the beautiful butterfly.

Izzy as a courageous lion.

I look forward to getting your photos!! -Juli

* This is just for fun! It’s not a competition!


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