BREAKING NEWS!! #Baxter and #Cooper have been found!!! #Stolen #Yorkies #SanAntonio #TX

I can’t believe this!! This is the best news ever!

And for all of those humans out there looking for their lost dogs, THIS story has got to give you hope now more than ever! There aren’t any details as of yet, all that’s known is that they ARE in fact home and safe! I’m dying to know where they’ve been and how they are doing! Congratulations to their mom, Peggy, on a very long road. I bet her tears can’t stop flowing with love and happiness right now! I’m trying to keep an eye on their Facebook page, Find Baxter and Cooper to get the story!

Lost Paws Finder posted this earlier today:

Ready for some amazing news?..Baxter & Cooper who were stolen from there home on 4/22/11 have been Found!!..still awaiting details but we are beyond thrilled for their mommy who NEVER gave up!

Thanks to Lost Paws Finder for posting this exciting news today!

If you aren’t familiar with Baxter and Cooper, they were stolen from their home in San Antonio, Texas over a year ago. It was during a home burglary and they were stolen while still inside their kennels. Not a trace of them since.

The story of Baxter and Cooper is what inspired me to start a blog and help other dogs who have been lost or stolen. I’m so glad this story has a happy ending. -Juli

Find Baxter and Cooper


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