CONFIRMED! #Baxter and #Cooper are home safe! #Yorkies stolen 18 months ago in #SanAntonio #TX. #missing #dogs

Finally confirmed on the Find Baxter and Cooper Facebook page, the two Yorkshire Terriers stolen 18 months ago are home safe! WIN! WIN! WIN!

SO HAPPY! To all of you who have been following this story and advocating for their return, you may have helped to make this reunion possible! But it’s not over. There are thousands of dogs out there who are missing and their humans are needing to reunite with them. So don’t stop your efforts- please help others make a reunion like this possible! -Juli


2 thoughts on “CONFIRMED! #Baxter and #Cooper are home safe! #Yorkies stolen 18 months ago in #SanAntonio #TX. #missing #dogs

  1. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW THEY WERE FOUND!! My little angel, Daisy, has been missing since early March 2011. I am so depressed and sad I can hardly go on. I’m a cancer survivor with no children or family. I entrusted her to a rescue organization temporarily while I was between jobs because she had become pregnant (she was my deceased mom’s dog. Both her vet and I believed she was spayed) The pup she had inside was almost as big as she was so I allowed the rescue group to take her with the understanding they could adopt the pup out, and let me bring Daisy home. I received a call one day telling me that she had run away from the foster who said he lost her out of his car while working (he’s a legal document/process server) Someone from the rescue finally called me three weeks after she went ‘missing’, and told me she could have jumped out of the car at one of 12 stops the foster made during that day. I traveled to the foster’s house and asked a neighbor for information. She told me that the foster said he lost Daisy while moving. I don’t know what to believe, but I do know that I have to find her. I want to relocate out of Florida, and I can’t leave until I know what happened/where she is. She licked my tears and stayed with me in the hospital when I had my cancer surgery. Part of my soul is missing….The ‘rescue’ told me they had spayed her, but she did not have a microchip. I has asked them to spay and chip her, and that I would reimburse them for their expenditures during the time she was in their care. Please help me…

    • Oh my goodness. I’m sick over this!

      Can you email me with a photo (or two) of Daisy, the area of Florida where you were told she went missing (I understand there is no for sure place where she went missing), a contact phone number, her age, etc. and I will help do what I can to find her. Are you on Facebook? If so, please tell me how to find you there too. If you haven’t started a Facebook page for her, we need to do that- I’ll do it for you! Give me all details necessary for a flyer and I’ll get the ball rolling. I’m so incredibly sad for you. I hate that this has happened to you. Has the rescue tried to help you find her?

      Send this info to my email:

      With love,

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