Way to go, @PalomaTheBoston! Thank you 4 thinking of others and doing something 2 save lives! #BostonTerrier #dog


Our girl is in the news… again!

You know her, you love her, and you can’t get enough of her! Paloma Jane Undertooth (@PalomaTheBoston) is our rapping Boston Terrier friend who lifts our spirits when we are down and who volunteers a bunch of her time to help others. She’s one of a kind and we love her so much! Here’s a news story on Paloma about her latest efforts to save lives! LOVE YOU, P! -Juli

Dog with online following raises funds for other pets. 

By Beth Sears

MORROW — Paloma Jane has raised money for pet oxygen masks, alerted others about lost dogs, and notified people about dogs in need of foster homes.

Paloma Jane Undertooth, aka. P-Jiggy

It’s all in a day’s work for the 4-year-old Boston terrier, owned by Jennifer Williams.

Williams said she and her dog, Paloma Jane Undertooth, became involved in the animal community after she created a Facebook page for the dog about two years ago.

“On a whim, I thought it would be cute to make her a Facebook,” Williams said.

The page was a hit, and soon the dog had her own Twitter, Instagram & Instacanvas, Pinterest, WordPress blog, Online Zazzle store and LinkedIn accounts. The dog has more than 2,500 Facebook friends and about 1,700 Twitter followers.

“People just love her,” Williams said, adding that she responds daily to when people post messages or ask the dog questions.

Through the dog’s Facebook page, Williams was introduced to the “anipal community” online. She said it springs into action if there is a missing dog or a dog in a shelter is in need of a home.

Earlier this year, Williams used the dog’s Facebook page to promote a fund-raiser for pet oxygen masks for fire departments.

“Paloma was the party promoter,” Williams said, explaining that another dog organized the online auction that raised $5,000 to buy pet oxygen masks. Firefighters can use these specially-designed animal masks on pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation or lost consciousness after exposure to toxic fumes.

From the fundraiser, Williams was able to secure two pet oxygen masks for the Deerfield Twp. Fire Department. Williams and her dog presented those earlier this month.

“People love Paloma because her online ‘pawsonality’ is always positive, funny and obviously adorable,” Williams noted. “I have actually received letters from several people thanking me for Paloma’s posts (and) telling me how they look forward to them because they need a laugh at the end of the work day or they’re going through hard times and it helps them forget for a minute.”

Williams, a stay-at-home mother, said she is now working on a children’s book about Paloma and her friends.

via Dog with online following raises funds for other pets | www.daytondailynews.com.

Follow Paloma on Twitter, Facebook, Zazzle, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress.


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