Dragons, sharks, bats, giraffs… thanks for sharing your #pet #Halloween costumes with me!

THANKS for sharing your HOWL-O-WEEN photos with me! I love each and every one of them! 

I put user submitted photos into a drawing for a small gift basket from Woofables The Gourmet Dog Bakery. The lucky dog who will receive this awesome gift is…..

LUKE! From Iowa City!! Congratulations, Luke! I’ll be in touch with your mom about where to send the gift basket!

Thanks for playing everyone! Enjoy the photos! Have a safe and happy Halloween! -Juli

Phoebe has TWO costumes! First she’s Honey Boo and next she’s Butler Blue! Greenwood, Indiana. @deuceandtooie

Kermit Napoleon as a Baby Dragon. Phoenix, Arizona. @wirednerves

Luke as The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Iowa City, Iowa.

Hemi Ryder as Captain Jack Sparro. Memphis, Tennessee.

Lexie as a spunky cheerleader. North Liberty, Iowa.

Penelope as the Queen of Hearts. Reston, Virginia.

Gracie as Marilyn Monroe. Hubertus, Wisconsin. @bullymonst

Libby as a biker with a sidecar. North Liberty, Iowa.

Paloma Jane Undertooth as a school teacher. Cincinnati, Ohio. @PalomaTheBoston

Uggy as Dracular. Cincinnati, Ohio. @PalomaTheBoston

A ZOO! Sadie Mae as the giraffe, Jack as a lion and Mija as a monkey. Iowa City, Iowa.

Francesca as a spooky bat! Toronto, Canada. @chessaboo

Gary and Dublin are convicts! Iowa City, Iowa.

Syd as a dragon! Indianapolis, Indiana. @CherylChat415

I added this photo of my friend, Puppy, but he doesn’t know it. Puppy lives in New York City and is without power due to Superstorm Sandy. He was able to get to an area with power earlier today to let everyone know that he’s ok and to post this Halloween photo. I couldn’t resist sharing! Follow Puppy on Twitter at @puppysblog and on his blog.

And finally, my two little Halloweeners:

Izzy as a happy shark.

Xander as Batman!


2 thoughts on “Dragons, sharks, bats, giraffs… thanks for sharing your #pet #Halloween costumes with me!

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    • Thanks, Puppy! I hope you don’t mind that I put your photo in my post. I look forward to your Halloween pictures each year and I would have asked your permission but crazy Superstorm Sandy decided to pay a visit to NYC and knock out your power making it impossible for me to reach you! I’m just glad that you are ok- even though you have to travel to find power. Hopefully it will be back on VERY soon! Glad you are safe!

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